Thursday 5 July 2012


Jay's recent visit to Rome gave the perfect opportunity to mix some business with pleasure. The Lira Blouson is due for an August release just in time for the start of the football season and is the ideal Bomber style jacket for this unpredictable Summer weather.
We decided to order some Solid Wood Buttons that have been made with some old school Italian craftsmanship. A favourite finishing touch of Italian designers in the 80s was to sew their own 'Made in Italy' buttons onto the garments ordered overseas. This small emphasis on perfection would add a touch of quality and we have decided to follow suit. As they say 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'
Jay was able to pick up the final accessory for the 'Lira' and the buttons will be added as soon as possible.
The Blouson is reversible with just the one button shown on the Navy side while the Chambray reverse has buttoned pockets.