Wednesday 18 December 2013


Over the years you may well have noticed us backing local talent
whether it be our designers, printers, local boxing club or kids football teams.

Another of our passions has been local music and we now champion that through
our 'Not For Profit' 80s inspired 'Vinyl Only' Record Label.
We've invested some of our own funds to set up the label and as we near the end of
our first calendar year, the report is that it has been a great success, with the label
bringing many of the bands to the attention of radio dj's and gig promoters.

One such band, Sankofa, have caught our attention, to the fact that we are now managing them and hoping to push them further up the ladder to success.
They do not conform to 3 minute pop songs and prefer not to be mainstream and commercial.
They have a 60s Psych element to their sound but prefer 'Stoner Rock' which was a recent description heaped on them.
This we like as it has the Casual ethos of preferring to do your ones own thing and not follow fashion.
Their latest release is a 4 Track EP with the lead track Guttermouth already gaining local airplay.

If your into new music check out some of the last 12 months worth of releases on our soundcloud site;

you can buy the vinyls and some quality posters from  

The Sankofa EP is available on vinyl but they also have the download available from ITunes and other good record stores; 

Saturday 30 November 2013


The Sud parka had been a year in the making, and not wanting to sound too smug, we are pretty damn pleased with the result!

This navy ripstop fabric is light yet durable and shower proof. The front has two large bellows stow pockets, with easy access hand warmer pockets positioned just above.

The cuffs have two width settings via 'Eighties' embossed press studs, while the waist line can be drawn in using the concealed adjusters.

Our personal favourite feature is the 'stash' or 'anti roll' pockets (depending on the occasion), which are cleverly tucked away under each armpit.

The peak hood can be zipped high around the face, or worn open collar revealing the contrast net lining in sky.

The details we hope you have come to expect from us include, leather Palla badge, Eighties pinch tab and heavyweight two way zip with Eighies stamped pull cords. JM

Available from the 1st of December @ 7pm online £109.95 

Monday 4 November 2013



Can you count suckers? I say the 

future is ours... if you can count!

Now look what we have here 

before us. We got the Saracens 

sitting next to the Jones Street 

Boys. We've got the Moonrunners 

right by the Van Cortlandt 


Nobody is wasting nobody. That... 

is a miracle. And miracles is the 

way things ought to be.

You're standing right now with nine 

delegates from 100 gangs. And 

there's over a hundred more. 

That's 20,000 hardcore members. 

Forty-thousand, counting affiliates, 

and twenty-thousand more, not 

organized, but ready to fight: 

60,000 soldiers! Now there ain't 

but 20,000 police in the whole 


Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it!

One of the best movie scenes of all 

time plain and simple. 

I doubt 

there are many reading this 

that haven't at some point thrown 

their arms open wide (usually 

drunk), eyes bulging in a Cyrus 


shouting those immortal words.

You to can be the warlord of your 

pub, terrace or living room in this 

cracking interpretation from our 

Man Paul Cruse.

Available from December. JM

Thursday 31 October 2013


In 2008 we released our first tribute to one of our clothing designer Gods, the late great Massimo Osti. This was well before many actually realized who he was and the legacy he left us.

 Osti's obsession with military uniforms and their function, was successfully translated to everyday wear becoming a cornerstone of any self respecting match going chaps wardrobe.... both then and now.

The second coming of Il Master was an acknowledgment of this great Man's passing and his status with those in the know.

His third incarnation is purely indulgence as he is undoubtedly one of our many obsessions..... both then and now.

 More wonderful artistry by our Man Paul Cruse released in stores and online next Spring. JM

Tuesday 29 October 2013


I know I know, us banging on about how much we love terrace culture again blah blah....but it's true and it's what we live and breath.

So without going into too much detail about the obvious, this design is for those who like us are in un inspiring jobs and spend our week looking forward to the *Saturday catwalk and all it holds.

 ( * premiership fans may want to insert Sunday or Monday and don't even get us started on kick off times!)

Out November. JM

Sunday 20 October 2013


Treviso rugby team were founded in Italy in 1932. Much later their main sponsor became local knitwear manufacturer Benetton and they became known as 'Benetton Treviso rugby'.

By the early 80s Benetton had become a multi national clothing brand with stores worldwide. When the company took the decision to sell replica BTR shirts in it's stores, they certainly never went unnoticed on these shores, becoming one of the most sort after items of the original casuals era.

As our mission statement says we are not stuck in the 80s but are fond of an opportunity to give a nod and a wink to the brands and key pieces where it all began.

Gentlemen & ladies, we give you the Eighties Treviso rugby. JM


What chap doesn't love The Warriors movie based on Sol Yurick's 1965 novel of the same name?

Released in 1979 the tale follows a gang from Coney Island (NY) attempting to fight their way back from Manhattan to home, with dozens of rival gangs trying to make sure that they never get there. Now if the Warriors were the hero's of the film, then everybody's favorite anti hero's had to be the Baseball Furies.

The 'Furies' were a gang who's turf was Riverside park in Manhattan. Their uniforms were the unmistakable New York Yankee's baseball strip with brightly painted faces not dissimilar to that of  fellow NY rockers 'Kiss'.

The leader and 'warlord' of this scary looking bunch was 'Cobb' believed to take his nickname from Yankees baseball legend Ty Cobb. Cobb (by far the most iconic character) was first immortalized in tee form by ourselves in 2009. Due to constant requests he is now back in a very limited run.

"Keep on bopping boppers" JM

Friday 11 October 2013


One of our favourite images from the late 80s is the witty record sleeve from Liverpool indi band The Farm for their single Stepping Stone (a dance remake of Paul Revere & the Raiders and The Monkees single "(I'm Not Your) Steppin Stone"). This tongue in cheek photo perfectly captures the mood of the time as football lads up and down the country went all 'fluffy' in a house and drug educed rave -a- thon.

As per we have re done this from scratch with our own twist re interpreted by the rather excellent Scouse artist Paul Cruse. Released late November in and array of colours online and through our usual stockist. JM

Sunday 29 September 2013


In the dryer months I always re discover my passion for trainers.

I've also mention before a cracking little forum of sole lovers that turned up some chaps who are outstanding in the art of trainer restoration and custom jobs.

One such chap is Rich Osborne who has knocked out some real head turners for me of late, so being the nice fellow I am I though it only fair to share! JM


The Facebook friendly among you can find the man here....


Saturday 31 August 2013


In the early days most of our designs were done in house using our own computer knowledge and that of a few friends. 

As the brand grew many copycat labels appeared quite rightly forcing us to up our game and look further a field than our own limited talents.

A handful of early designs were by Dan one of the twins behind the successful Casual Connoisseur brand and not so long ago up and coming Leeds based illustrator Josh Parkin produced several excellent designs for us.

But of all the talented people we have worked with we have never been so pleased to have someone among our ranks that truly understands what we are about and is of late producing artwork that we feel is second to none.

Ironically Liverpool based Paul used to sell our early designs in his days as a sales assistant in one of our stockists. Who would have guessed that nearly ten years later he would be such a key part of our business also having his own clothing label and studio.

To see more of Paul's work or if you wish to contact him for a project of your own, please take a look and like his Facebook page here...

Sunday 25 August 2013


'Couture' means dressmaking, sewing or needlework and is used as a common abbreviation for 'haute couture' and refers to 'the same thing in spirit'.

All of our tee designs start off as an idea or sentiment we want to express. Sometimes transferring that image can be difficult so we go through several processes to realize our vision with the artists in our group.

As match going lads, dressers, boys, casuals or whatever the latest buzz word for what we do is, we share 'the same thing in spirit' as we all have a basic desire to follow our team looking sharp separating ourselves from the Christmas trees at the match.....How many times have you looked at your rival fans and picked out the 'boys' by their higher level of sartorial elegance? I know I probably spend more time studying what the opposing fans have on offer in this department than I do watching the game! (although supporting Tranmere I can be forgiven for that).

So with that in mind this design drawn by Man of the moment Paul Cruse depicts a rather natty outfit freshly laid out in the pre match ritual that many of us follow. One True Saxon jungle parka, Edwin jeans and New Balance 1300's....nice. JM

Available online tomorrow 26.08.13

Tuesday 20 August 2013


Only 126 days folks!

And guess what we're praying for here a Eighties towers? Only a fucking Subbuteo team kitted out in the Dukla Prague away kit!

Yes the more switched on among you will understand the nod to this cult ditty by post punk band and fellow Tranmere fans Half Man Half Biscuit from a time when The Tube was a cool music program on channel 4 but if the Rovers were at home on a Friday night HMHB certainly wouldn't be appearing on it. 

Due as a T shirt print in the coming months with artwork by the wonderful Paul Cruse. JM

Saturday 10 August 2013


I think it's fair to say that anyone with a passion for cult Brit flicks will be a fan of the Shane Meadows classic Dead Man's Shoes.

 Now it's not the first time a Russian GP5 mask clad Richard has made an appearance on one of our t shirts, but this Goddamn film just gets better with every watch so we felt it was time for an up date via the very talented Paul Cruse

This re drawn version of the original promotional picture takes inspiration from Richard's first slaying and chilling message to the rest of the gang in the film. JM

Wednesday 24 July 2013


Those who know me well will appreciate that I am a bit of a trainer botherer as like to have something a bit different to everyone else on my hooves, so I customize. As a result of this I often get asked to take on other lads footwear for a touch of trainer pimping but I really don't have the time or want the responsibility. So over the coming months we will be featuring those with more know how and bigger balls than myself for all your trainer fiddling needs........ 

So on that note a few words from the main Man Simon at  Adi - dyeJM


'adi-dye' is a solo ran project, with a passion driven aim for restoring and re-dying new/used/vintage trainers. The inspiration behind adi-dye first came in March 2006, when adidas released the very limited W1 adicolor range. The idea that you could paint straight onto a plain white leather silhouette, giving the owner the chance to customize a unique trainer, really appealed. As this particular release was so limited though, the thought that it could all go wrong was way to daunting. So for now, the brush never touched the leather. 

Fast forward a couple of years and 2008 saw the release of the adidas City Series collection, consisting of the much sought after London, Dublin and Stockholm re-issues. I managed to bag myself both the London's and Stockholm's, however, the Dublin sneakily eluded my grasp. 

Over the years, while being a member on a number of forums associated with fashion from the 80's casuals sub-culture, I came across the idea of the 'Holy Grail'. The 'Holy Grail' term is used by many to describe the trainer that also manages to escape their ownership, even despite their best efforts. It pains me to say, but the Dublin is my Holy Grail.

In early 2012, frustrated to think I may never get my hands onto a box-fresh pair of the adidas Dublin, I researched into dying, as well as, painting suede and leather. From this I went on to replicate the Dublin colour-way onto a silhouette of my choice (adidas tobacco ivy/chilli c/w). Although not the 'real thing' I was more than pleased with the results. Now with having re-dyed and restored more than 60+ trainers from customers across Europe, 'aid-dye' has became more than just a personal obsession for all things trainer related. 

'adi-dye' can now be contacted via a number of platforms, so please feel free to get in touch.

Instagram - @simontones
Twitter - @adi_dye
Website -