Wednesday 29 February 2012


The next few weeks should see a selection of Winter samples coming our way. The first to arrive is an up-date to the Seamaster Beanie Cap from 2010. The Cuff has been made a touch bigger and the larger 30mm Eighties leather badge has been added. We have also introduced the distinctive red Pinch Tag which will debut this Spring on our Grafters Collection.
The 100% Lambwool Hats will be available in Hunting Green, Midnight Blue and Beige.

Tuesday 28 February 2012


In 1972 London magazine 'Time Out' published what was probably the first piece of journalism on Football Gang Culture. The article itself has remained in the confines of the Library or Private Collections for the last 40 years, until last week when it appeared on feature editor Peter Watts London blog 
Here we have the article in full as it appeared in the 1972 edition of Time Out. The writing is, as Peter says, 'very much of it's time' and before Political Correctness was a common phrase.

Thursday 23 February 2012


The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better this week, so many of us will be storing away the Winter attire for the weekend at least, in preparation for hopefully a warm Easter and then Summer, Therefore Our T-Shirt production continues apace.
The 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts have been a phenomenal success with only 40 being produced for most teams which will keep them quite exclusive. The latest include Aston Villa which is in store at Henry Brummel now and will be on our site early next week. Plus a couple of colours of the  Hereford design have been supplied to Homme in Hereford and should be available from Saturday.
Next week will see Chelsea T-Shirts split between our own website plus Stuarts in London who are the  sole stockists of London Clubs including Q.P.R. Tottenham, West Ham and the aforementioned Chelsea.
In the forthcoming weeks we have a new range including 'Michael Caine', 'Comrade' and a 'Habits of Waste' which should be in stores by mid March.
And we do not stop there. We are at present working on a new range of designs including 'Against Modern Football', 'Last Line of Defence' and a new England and Scotland T-Shirt.
We have even been asked to supply our Russian Stockists with their own design for the Euros.
More details and pics to follow soon.

Tuesday 21 February 2012


Here we have a London Weekend T.V. Documentary from 1983 which i'm sure if you live outside of the Capital you may not have seen. It's a half hour of footage and interviews including Cass Pennant about the problem of Hooliganisn and the ways to combat the problem.

Thursday 16 February 2012


The Brand Archive page of the site continues to be up-dated as we photo and up-load over 100 T-Shirts from over the last 9 years. The latest added include a couple from our collaboration with Italian Terrace label Mentalita' Ultras. In 2005/06 we produced 3 or 4 of our iconic Trainer series of T-Shirts exclusively for the Italian market and to be sold in Coolness of Milan. Only 100 of each design were printed and in 2006 we celebrated Italy's fourth World Cup triumph with another exclusive design of the adidas Italia Trainer with Italy's winning years below the shoe. 
To view the latest additions to the page click here;

Wednesday 15 February 2012


The website will have the following 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts for sale in the next 48 hours.
Only 16 WEST HAM and TOTTENHAM T-Shirts will be available from Stuarts in London from Friday. While HUDDERSFIELD and BRADFORD will be distributed to Stone in Mirfield next week. These two teams are limited to 25.
We still have one or two Team names to be printed in the forthcoming week. Details to follow soon.

Tuesday 14 February 2012


You may already know that we name 2008 Turner Prize winning Mark Leckey as the first artist to commission a piece of art inspired by Casuals. The 'Fiorruci made me Hardcore' film from 1999 explored youth culture from Northern Soul through to Casuals and the Rave Scene. Now the film can be seen for the first time in the North since it was screened at one our 80s Casuals events in 2009. The Manchester Art Gallery is opening a major Exhibition of Marks work from this Friday 17 February until Sunday 18 March. Besides showing 'Fiorucci' the Gallery will also be having sound performances from Mark every Thursday throughout the four weeks of the Exhibition.
more info from the Galleries website;

Sunday 12 February 2012



The latest Sweatshirt from Eighties is an up-date of a Maccano inspired design from a few years back. We produced a T-Shirt which was directly influenced by the Maccano imagery used in the late 80s/ early 90s. The brand produced an array of Sweatshirts inspired by Russian images found in a book by the brands owner. They went on to produce clothing and jeans until the mid 90s.
Our original T-Shirt was produced along the same lines once we discovered that the print company producing our T-Shirts printed the initial Maccano Sweatshirts.
The 'Comrade' Sweatshirt will be available in a few weeks time and may even be produced on a T-Shirt.
The wording will be printed down on the hip like the latest Hillary Sweatshirt.

Saturday 11 February 2012


 The Euros are drawing closer and because of the England management position the competition is going to be in the news constantly. Therefore we might as well show you our latest England design which is at the artwork stage. The iconic imagery of planting the flag in victory is the focus. The Poland/Ukraine map has the participating cities on it and the flag is aimed at Kiev were the 2012 Final will be held on 1 July.
We are looking at a late March release for this our second national T-Shirt.

Thursday 9 February 2012


Next week should see the arrival of our Benetton tribute Rugby Top sample. The 'Treviso' as we have called it is named after the town in Italy that houses the headquarters of 80s favourites Benetton. The Benetton Rugby top was a highly acclaimed piece of attire during the early 80s. The company were renown for their sponsorship of the local Rugby club and before long the Rugby shirt with the emblematic  Benetton name across the middle was appropriate to a time of Italian sportswear on the terraces.
Once the sample has been checked it is hoped to have the Top in Store within two weeks.

Wednesday 8 February 2012


Here we have a piece of artwork which i'm sure we can all adhere to. Illustrator/Artist and 80s Casuals forum member Peter O'Toole has spent close on a year putting together this fantastic illustration of the City series from adidas.
The artwork is available as a print from Pete. Contact him via Facebook for more info.

Tuesday 7 February 2012


Way back in September you may remember we announced an exclusive collaboration with Heritage Research,
We now await with anticipation our sample from the said collaboration. The Rainshell Jacket is due this month and once checked over will go into production as soon as possible.
At present the demand for 'Made in England' outerwear is at a premium due to the quality, hence the delay in receiving the sample. The Jacket will be produced in two colours, Yellow and Navy, and will be limited to approx 20 pieces of each colour. The price will also be reasonably set at less than £150.
As soon as the sample is with us we shall get pics up here.  

Sunday 5 February 2012


The website is always an on-going project for us. There are always images and ideas that we can use to encompass the ethos of our brand and the Eighties.
After re-designing the Nostalgia page 
we have now added a Brand History page which can be accessed via the menu on the Store page. You will see this grow in the coming weeks as we try to archive a collection going back 9 years. Primarily a T-Shirt brand to start with, we began with single colour prints of iconic 'Casual' garb including Trainers on the T-Shirt front before expanding our ideas to include 7 colour print and embroidered T-Shirts and Sweatshirts to the manufacture of our own designed clothing.

Thursday 2 February 2012


Two more colours have been added to the Hillary Sweatshirt range. Forest Green and Royal Blue are now available. They have been up for a couple of days so the size range is now a bit limited but we have Large and X-L available in both.