Saturday 29 June 2013


We are pleased to announce the introduction of Drome to our extensive range of Stockists. Based in Liverpool and recently opening in Glasgow the store has supplied Merseysiders with a range of aspirational brands for over 15 years.

From humble beginnings as a small womens store in Old Swan liverpool, the ownerswere quick to realise the potential of selling menswear. Stores in Cavern Walks and Bold Street
followed before settling in Liverpool 1 in recent years.

Check the Argyle Street premises in Glasgow for some re-prints of previous Celtic and Rangers designs,
as well as some classic Eighties T-Shirts from recent years.
The Liverpool 1 premises are based at 23 Paradise Street and shall be stocking the latest Eighties tees in the coming months. DH

Thursday 13 June 2013


OK I know we are banging on a bit about our tenth anniversary year, but to be honest we are just a pair of working class lads who share a passion and have to pinch ourselves daily that we have come this far....

So continuing our 'Anni' celebration theme we have blended our inspiration of the 80s with our own decade of history to come up with the 'Grim Tales' t shirt. The so very 80s back print depicts the original character from one of our most popular early designs 'Grim Up North' flanked by the hand written tag lines from some of our most notable early designs, whilst the front carries our simple 'Palla' sewn badge on the chest.

 Released this coming weekend in sky, raspberry and navy in our online store. JM

Sunday 2 June 2013


We are close to celebrating our first year as a vinyl only record label. As a Thank You to all who have supported us, the bands and the artists throughout this year we are selling our first ever LP for the measly sum of £10 on Pre-Order.
It is being produced on Heavyweight 180g Black Virgin Vinyl and is Limited to
just 250. It's exclusive to Vinyl, so No Downloads, No CD's, No Tapes,
'Just Records' as it is called. It is due for Release in July but you can

One of the bands on the label and the LP who seem close to making a breakthrough are The Merrylees. Their single 'For You' has been receiving some notable airplay and the band recently appeared in the Buzz section of the NME with the track also gaining a mention.
It also appears that they are gaining some well known celebrity
fans along the way with both Shane Meadows and Liam Gallagher being photographed with the single.

Download the track on ITunes as the Limited Edition Cream Vinyl on Eighties quickly Sold Out. DH


Recently I have re discovered my passion for trainers through a social media site I joined specializing in the buying, selling and exchanging of OG rarities. Through this site I have met some rather nice chaps that run a website dedicated to 'trainer sniffers' (as some of my friends who don't share my passion call us!), and I thought it may be a good idea to pass on the knowledge here.

Founded in 2011 the idea behind their magazine is relatively simple: They are creating a site that showcases both the history and the hype of the worldwide trainer culture without being elitist or trying to dictate to their readers. They cover various aspects of this culture by providing archives for both adidas and Puma. 

Eatmoreshoes is meant to be a living representation of this cultural phenomena. As writers, photographers, programmers and most importantly trainer lovers, they strive to speak out to the global trainer community not as a voice of authority but one of understanding. They aim to showcase the shiny new collaborations and specialty drops side by side with the secretive and unknown stories of historical trainer ancestry. For them it's all about context and quality, not status quo or one-up-manship. 

From collector interviews, store tours, designer chats and in depth product articles, Eatmoreshoes is the place to go for daily news on both adidas and Puma brands.  JM

Saturday 1 June 2013


A key turning point in the history of our brand was adidas taking umbrage to the homage we paid to their archive in our early designs. This meant we had to move  in a new direction as far as t shirts were concerned and one of the first (and to date most popular) was the classic Mille clad lad gazing at the tower blocks in front of him with the wording 'The North Will Rise Again' taken from lyrics by Prestwich post Punk band 'The Fall'.

Sadly we can no longer salute our cherished trainer brand on our tee's (although every other Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be!), but we can pay tribute to this iconic design that to an extent saved our little label and gave us the inspiration to make it to 10 years and counting.....we give you 'Resurrection North' released later today. JM


Tonight sees the release of a re worked classic Eighties design from 2007. The 'Deep South' tee depicts a rather dapper chap in his Mille jacket, beanie hat and checked scarf over looking the famous skyline of our beautiful capital city, but all is not what it seems as it can be pretty un welcoming if your caught in the wrong place at the wrong time........"your in bandit country now boy". JM