Wednesday 30 June 2010


One of our favourite T-Shirts has had a re-vamp this month.
The North will Rise has been a constant best seller over the last two years and now our character has up-dated his wardrobe with a blue C.P. Company Mille Miglia Jacket and a new pair of adidas Stockholm. The T-Shirt will be available from our website in the next week plus the following stockists; SOLEFOOD, RAN, BLOC3, PRIDE, CAMISERA, PLANET and McKINNLEYS in Holland.

Tuesday 29 June 2010


Our Limited Edition Rambler and Khyber Shorts have now been distributed to all Stockists.
If sales on our website are anything to go by they won't be in stores for long.
We only have a couple of sizes left in the Khyber on and the Rambler have sold out within days.
These are limited to a 100 per style/colour and will not be repeated this Summer or in the same colour in the future.
These are our Stockists should you be struggling to grab a pair;

Monday 21 June 2010


80s Casuals are pleased to continue to be one of the selected stockists for MA Strum. This Autumn/Winter sees the brand take on a name change and will forthwith be known as The Massimo Osti Archive. With thirty years of Osti productivity, the Archive has over 5000 garments and 50000 fabric samples to take inspiration from.
We have selected two jackets we see as showing Osti's superior quality and craftmanship in design. The 'Sniper' coat comes in orange as shown and also in yellow, while the 'Officers Carbon Field Coat' comes in white as shown.
As the label has changed names the first collection as MA Strum is sure to be a future collectable. There are still a couple of pieces available on the website at a reduction of up to 50%. 


After the success of the Seafarer jacket from Spring '10 we have decided to use a similar framework for our Autumn/Winter '10 Seamaster Jacket.
The Seamaster will only be available in a Limited Edition run of 100 x 2 colours.
Consisting of a similar front pocket design, the Seamaster also has a full width hidden zipped pocket on the rear, plus the overall length of the jacket is a couple of inches longer than the Seafarer.
Moderations to the hood include a peak and a 4.5 inch 'storm flap'.
Alterations to this prototype sample before production may include us replacing the 'storm flap' at the collar with a buckle and strap.
Expect to see the Seamaster at our exclusive stockists by October.
As we are still at the design stage with this jacket we do not have a retail price just yet.


The latest Edition of Supertifo arrived this week. With 100 pages of full colour, 
this Italian fanzine is nicely designed with many articles 
and wonderful pics of Italian fans on the terraces.
Articles include; New Casual in UK, In memory of Heysel
 and more from an Italian point of view.
Our friends from Mentalita Ultras have again given us a full page advert for the 80s Casuals book. This time on the prestigious back-page.  
The guys at Supertifo are our official distributors at the moment in Italy and anyone wishing to purchase a copy in Europe would do well to contact them.
Check out Mentalita Ultras range of clothing here;

Wednesday 16 June 2010


Today we sent out the last 200 80s Casuals books to the store Size? who will now be the only store in the U.K. with any stock of a decent quantity.
but there are 50 available at our book celebration night on Friday.
With an initial production run of 2000, we have now sold out of all copies and for the foreseeable future a re-print is on hold. 
It is hoped a publisher may see the potential of selling many more than the 2000 already sold and take over the reins from ourselves.
Thank You for your support and continued good feedback.


The design is completed for our Limited Edition Collaboration with Stuarts.
The T-Shirt is limited to 50 and is FREE to those who purchase the 80s Casuals book [£20]
 at the 100 Club gig this Friday 18 June.
Any T-Shirts over from the night will be available for £30 from 
Stuarts, 35-37 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London.
The reverse of the neck incorporates our own and Stuarts logo in gold
with the front having our 'Grim up North' character.
The T-Shirt is only available in the charcoal grey as pictured.

Saturday 12 June 2010


Champion Athleticwear in the United States helped pioneer the ubiquitous Sweatshirt in the 1920s. Since then hardly anything has changed in its design with either zipped or pull-over being the only option of choice.
This year sees the Sweatshirt taken into the 21st Century with a buttoned front with a thick placket and leather used instead of draw-string for the hood. Our prototype will have some utilitarian additions, possibly a secure phone pocket, before being available for Winter. 
Again production will be limited to 100 x 2 colours.
Check back for all garment related up-dates in the coming months.


New York can inspire you in many ways. On a recent visit we jumped the Brooklyn bound subway train, It's final destination being Coney Island. Instantly the cult classic "The Warriors" sprung to mind and visions of the Iconic Wonder Wheel from the film.
45 years ago in 1965 Sol Yuricks book was published, little did he realise that it would lead to one of the best gang/youth films of our generation. 
Paying personal homage to the film and commemorating the books 45th anniversary we have chosen the baseball furies, whose startling imagery jumped from the screen, as our design. The furies were created due to director Walter Hills love of baseball and the band 'Kiss'.
The front of the T-Shirt captures Cobb the leader of the gang who was named after baseball legend Ty Cobb with the back of the neck having a subway sign for Coney Island, home of The Warriors.
The T-Shirt will be available in early July along with a couple of other new designs.

Thursday 10 June 2010


Solefood in Bolton sent us this recent photo of goalkeeping legend Tony Coton, wearing his most recent purchase. Who said 80s footballers had no sense of style? Tony made his debut for Birmingham in 1980 saving a penalty after 54 seconds with his first touch.
He later went on to play for Watford, Manchester City and Sunderland before becoming goalkeeping coach for Manchester United and now a players agent.
Luke from Solefood tells us he's now off to sunnier climes in Dubai to take up a coaching role.

Tuesday 8 June 2010


The beige Limited Edition Khyber Shorts are arriving this week with distribution to stockists commencing towards the end of the week. These are only available in the one colour and come in sizes 30" - 38" although not all stores have ordered the larger size. 
Heavyweight Cargo style with a front zipped pocket and a front flap pocket as well as two side pockets and two back bellow pockets. 
We are only producing two styles of Summer Shorts, these plus a Lightweight Chino style navy  Rambler short which should arrive next week. All of our clothing range will be strictly limited and once sold out will not be re-produced therefore keeping them exclusive.  
The Khyber Shorts will be released on on Friday 11 June at 08.00pm.


On a recent visit to New York we came across the U.S. cousins of Antony Gormley's
 "Another Place" figures. Situated in the Flat Iron district, the sculptures are positioned precariously on the edge of many of Manhattens tallest buildings. 
The project is called "Event Horizon" and runs until August 15 2010.


Our Capello/England World Cup T-Shirt will be ready for distribution on Thursday with our website launching the T-Shirt on Friday at 8.00pm.
The T-Shirt is limited to a production run of only 250 and is available in red, navy and white. With only 13 stores taking delivery it is sure to sell quickly. Stockists include RAN, STUARTS, TERRACES, BLOC3, STONE, SOLEFOOD, JAZZ, C3, MAINLINE, MIRAGE, AN-X, SW1 and PLANET.


As England are Kicking Off versus Algeria at 7.30pm on Friday 18 June, we are putting back the opening of the 100 Club gig to 8.30pm with the first band on stage at 9.30pm.
This therefore gives ample time for some [us] to watch the game prior to the nights events.