Thursday 28 April 2011


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1981 Summer riots. A period of discontent against the police and authority plus tensions generated through inner-city deprivation and un-employment. The T-Shirt depicts a typical scene across the major cities of Britain at the time and incorporates an anonymous piece of art from the student riots in Paris of 1968. The French riot police were heavy handed in their onslaught against students and the poster was one of many to appear on walls across the city. The provocative work was used to promote awareness and action. The riots gave rise to sweeping social change and both the images we have used continue to resonate in our times.
The T-Shirt should be available towards the end of May.

Tuesday 26 April 2011


Here we have our final sample of the 'Reni' Bucket Hat. Soon to be available in two colours, Navy and Beige, the 'Reni' debuts our larger 80s Casuals logo badge.
This more predominant leather badge will soon become an identifiable symbol on our forthcoming Winter Jackets.
We are also at present awaiting a new embroidered badge for use on Polos and T-Shirts.
The 'Reni' should be available at the end of May with all of our usual retailers having ordered.


Obviously not everyone will make it to London for Dave White's 'Americana' Exhibition.
Here we have a video of the opening night. The Exhibition finishes this week but I'm sure it won't be the last time we hear from him.

Sunday 24 April 2011


After a few alterations the final sample of the 80s Casuals Autumn Gilet arrived recently. The garment has two angled side pockets plus a double breast pocket with the distinguishable 80s Casuals press stud. The inner has a hidden zipped pocket.
The Gilet will be a part of our small Autumn Collection which should be available for the start of the new season and will also include a long sleeved Shirt and a Blouson Jacket.
These Autumnal pieces form what is a key part of the "Riviera Collection" which harks back to playboy era of the 70s and 80s in Southern France and on the coasts of Italy. During this period Sportswear brands such as Fila and Ellesse were a dominant force with the Tennis and Ski Playboy stars of the day but our inspiration also comes from those supporters and fans who travelled to these areas to bring back the clothing worn by those living the playboy lifestyle. Clothing that would include a Gilet and Blouson from the likes of Sergio Tacchini, Fila and Ellesse in the early 80s and then Chevignon and Moncler in the latter parts of the decade.


This week the final collaboration piece with Fila arrived. The Pink Terrinda has us signing off with a jacket that we hope will be remembered in 30 years time, just like we remember Bjorn Borgs iconic jackets from the 80s. The colour has never been produced before by Fila and we thought Pink to be a colour that was brought to the mainstream fore by Casuals travelling to warmer climes and bringing back pastel coloured polos and T-Shirts to a predominantly dour looking fashion era in Britain.
Only 60 garments have been produced and 11 were stolen in transit, therefore we anticipate that they will not be around for too long. The basic model is now sold out but we still have the Pro-badge Edition available while supplies last.
When we set out to produce T-Shirts as a reminder of those great Terrace days of the 80s, little did we realize what we could achieve. To have collaborated with such an iconic brand as Fila has been a dream come true and it has been a pleasure to have worked with them. The fact that they have given us free rein over the colour and badge design says a lot about how they also admire the way in which we work in keeping quality and exclusivity as a premium.
The Pink Terrinda echoes those sentiments.

Friday 22 April 2011


It was 30 years ago today that Liverpool played Bayern Munich in West Germany for a place in the European Cup Final to be played in Paris, France.
Possibly more significant at the time though was that this was the game that propelled adidas training shoes and Casual culture into the realms of mainstream. The game attracted an exodus of approximately 4000 Liverpool fans, manly of them only 16 to 20 years of age, who were intent on acquiring some of the latest adidas unavailable back home.
We boarded the train at Lime Street with our Head Bags in hand, only half full as some space was needed for the goodies awaiting us at the home of the best footwear brand in the World.
We knew there would be many designs to choose from, Trimm-Trab, Tom Okker Professional, Grand Slam and Grand Prix had begun to filter through to the streets of Merseyside on the feet of those firms plying their trade on awaydays to Europe.
The recession in Britain meant most stores would not import the expensive training shoes, so it was a duty of those who travelled to become entrepreneurs and import the shoes themselves.
Munich did not disappoint, with lapse security and footwear starved teenagers, candy and sweetshop springs to mind. Sports Stores had the shoes on display in pairs and many an old pair of Stan Smith was left on the shelves as a replacement for the new footwear now perfectly fitting many a young scallywag.
On returning to our homeland, the demand for these new designs became exponential. There wouldn't be long to wait though as Liverpool had done the proverbial business and succeeded in seeing off the German champions and the date was now set for a trip to the French capital in May.


Word reaches us of 'Awaydays' author Kev Sampsons latest film premiere. 'Powder' will have it's world debut at FACT Seel Street Liverpool on Thursday May 19 before an Autumn release.
During the 90s Kev managed Liverpool band 'The Farm' and although this film is not about the group, his observations of back stage antics certainly take precedent in the films scenes and anecdotes.
James Walsh of Starsailor supplied five songs for the fictitious group 'The Grams' and worked closely on the film with Liam Boyle, who takes the lead role. Liam, you may remember, played Elvis in Awaydays.
Also starring is Alfie Allen [Atonement, Soulboy].
Tickets for the film are available from the Fact website.
check out the trailer here;
Freakbeat films have an exclusive filmed video with Liam which we shall publish once editing is complete.

Wednesday 20 April 2011


An interesting Art Exhibition started today at the Idea Generation Gallery in London. Visual art of the 80s acid house generation and the balearic scene of the 90s are showcased in the form of the artists commissions for album covers, flyers and posters plus newly commissioned pieces for the event.
Luke Insect, Leo Zero and Dave Little are amongst the most influential graphic artists in the country and join together as a collective known as 'Golden Sun Movement'. Their works include flyers for Spectrum Club Nights, Boys Own designs, artwork for the likes of Nike, MTV and Michiko Koshino plus work for bands including Gorillaz, William Orbit and The Prodigy.
The Psychedelia imagery is heavily inspired by the 60s but the unique perspective of the Acid House and Balearic scenes stand out.
The show runs until 08 May.

Tuesday 19 April 2011


Another garment currently being assessed for this Autumn is a Blouson Jacket. A sample arrived this week along with the Long Sleeved Shirt. Whereas the Shirt was nearly ready to manufacture, the Blouson still needs a bit of work to get it up to scratch. We don't want to give too much away as yet until the alterations are in place, so here's just a few pics to give an idea on what we are putting in place for the new season. We feel this is the ideal jacket for the milder days of the year in Autumn or even as a car coat for Winter. The jacket has a double layer and will be reversible giving two completely different jackets for the price of one.

Sunday 17 April 2011


Our focus at present is on getting a small capsule collection ready for Autumn. This week we received a few samples from our manufacturers, one of which was a Long Sleeved Shirt. As with all first samples, minor alterations will be put into practice before we accept the finished design and quality, but the shirt wasn't far off being the finished article.
We will produce two check colours for this Autumn, the first of which can be viewed in the pics. A new sample with alterations is being produced at present and will be made in the other check material. Pics and more information to follow in the coming weeks.

Saturday 16 April 2011


Here we have a short clip from a 2008 T.V. Series showing comedian Alexei Sayle returning to his home town of Liverpool and visiting amongst other places the Sports Store Transalpino. The shop is now closed but for a couple of years it was one of the best places to visit and purchase difficult to find Trainees. 'Trainees' to those unfamiliar with the term is Liverpool slang for 'Training Shoes'. The saying used in the interview by Alexei was first used in Liverpool during the 70s.
Jocky the shops owner would take his inspiration from the late 70s/early 80s when if you wanted the latest pair of training shoes, you would travel to Europe and acquire trainers unavailable in the U.K. Jocky would travel to Europe and North America where he would purchase pairs of adidas that were difficult to find or sold out in Britain.
In this clip Peter Hooton gives a short interview on the ideas behind 'The End' fanzine and Liverpool's part in our Culture.


The football season is drawing to a close and as its finale and the weather heats up, the attention turns to Summer holidays and days in the sun. The 80s Casuals Summer collection is now in place, Sahara and Khyber Shorts are being distributed this forthcoming week, T-Shirts are being printed, the Patagonia Short Sleeved Shirt is selling out everywhere and we eagerly await the Dakar and Nevada Jackets for those cooler evenings and rainy days.
While the country basks in the sunshine, our design ideas turn to Autumn and the on-going process of another collection. One item very much at the forefront of the designs is a Gilet. Dismissed as passe for many years, it can now be seen as a sartorial signal of class when the inspiration comes from the 80s and a Paninaro era of Moncler Puffa Jackets and Gilets.
A month ago we put the idea down on paper; A classic shape, two angled pockets, a left breast double pocket with a signature 80s press stud plus an inner hidden zipped pocket.
This week we received the first pic of the sample and we now anticipate its arrival.
Once it is checked and passed as being of our high standard, we can go to production.
The aim is for an August introduction just in time for the new football season.
More pics to follow once the sample arrives.

Friday 15 April 2011


Dave White's 'Americana' exhibition launched this week at the Coningsby Gallery, Tottenham Street, London.
Cited as the U.K.'s answer to Andy Warhol, Dave captures the golden age of the Western movie in his now distinct style. The exhibition runs until 30 April.
Two Limited Edition prints have been released to celebrate the exhibition.
check Dave's website for more details;

Wednesday 13 April 2011


Another piece of our Summer 'Desert Collection' has arrived and is in the course of being distributed to stores. The 'Sahara' Shorts are available in Sand and Midnight Blue and the features include; buckled waist adjusters, two secure buttoned side pockets, a zipped right hand pocket plus a ticket pocket on the front, while the reverse has two buttoned pockets with one having the discreet 80s Casuals leather badge.
After a exceptionally warm start to Spring, the classic shape of the Saharas are the perfect partner to the Patagonia Shirt. RRP is £55/£60 and most Stockists will take delivery early next week. This style of Shorts will never go out of fashion and can be worn year in, year out.
If a more utilitarian pair of shorts are required, a few stores still have a limited stock of the cargo style 'Khyber Shorts' including Ran, Camisera, Terraces, Red Square, Manifesto and 80sCasualClassics.

Tuesday 12 April 2011


Distributed to stores this week was our latest homage to the Italian Paninaro Subculture. Famed for it's obsession with Fashion and Americana, the scene developed it's own stylish look. A look that encompassed such brands as Timberland, Moncler, Best Company, Armani jeans and C.P.Company plus the obligatory Ray Bans. The added necessity of a Vespa or Lambretta scooter finished off the appearance.
In 1986 the Pet Shop Boys single 'Paninaro' was released bringing the Milanese Paninari image to a new audience here in the U.K.
The T-Shirt is available now from these stores; An-X, Xile, Stuarts, Lance Menswear, Henry Brummel and 80s Casualclassics plus our own website in the next day or so.

Sunday 10 April 2011


Our favourite Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer was spotted this morning looking particulary smart on the BBC2 Sunday programme 'Something for the Weekend'. Simon, you may remember, wore the 80s Casuals 'Deck' Polo a couple of months ago. His choice this time was the Limited Edition Patagonia Short Sleeve Shirt in the Red/Blue colour which is now sold out in our store. The Blue Patagonia still has limited availability.
The Red/Blue Shirt may still be available if you're lucky from Ran, Terraces, Hip, Originals, Red Square, Mainline or Henry Brummel.
We thoroughly recommend paying a visit to one of Simons restaurants; Earle in Hale or Greens in Didsbury. Look out for gourmet evenings with the man himself.

Saturday 9 April 2011


Sand Pantone colours
Stone Roses

Essential headwear for this Summer is the 80s Casuals Bucket Hat. Cotton and Nylon, so therefore quick-drying, the hat takes us back to the late 80s 'Second Summer of Love' and the hedonistic 'Rave' and 'Madchester' scenes. The bucket hat was a firm favourite with The Stone Roses Alan 'Reni' Wren during this period, so much so that it became known as 'The Reni Hat'.
Also as Ibiza became the emerging European holiday destination, the bucket hat became a necessity against the searing heat on the island.
Our reincarnation comes in two colours, a navy and a sand. One size fits all. A larger leather badge is being produced and will be used on the finished design.
The hat is still in production and won't be available until the beginning of June, just in time for the holiday season.


The 2011 Mille Miglia Race takes place this May, so to coincide we thought we should introduce a T-Shirt similar in design to last Winters Sweatshirt. The design carries the names of all winners up to 1957 after which the race was banned. In 1977 the event was revived as a parade of pre 1957 cars.
The T-Shirt also depicts the famous Mille Miglia Jacket named after the race and inspired by the garments worn by the drivers in the 1920s. The Massimo Osti jacket was a gift for participants in the 1988 event as part of a sponsorship deal and has been produced since.
T-Shirts should be in stores before Easter.

Monday 4 April 2011


Kev Sampsons 'Awaydays' finally made it to T.V. last night, two years after its cinema release. For those who missed it, as it was on late, here's a link to the full film;
The iconic green Peter Storm Cagoule was used as a reference for "The Pack's" uniform. The company behind the brand would not give clearance for the films makers to use their product, therefore the jackets were home-made by producer/music composer David Hughes' wife.
A year prior to the film being made 80s Casuals were also inspired by the Peter Storm Cagoule and we manufactured our own Jacket. We called it the 'Awaydays Cagoule' with the inspiration for the name coming from Sampson's 1998 'Awaydays' book.
After raiding our stock room recently, we found a number of these pieces and decided to put them on our Ebay site for those interested. The waterproof Cagoule is available in Khaki or Navy with only a few sizes available.
Kev"s new film 'Powder' is due for release this year. Centred on the story of a new band breaking through, the story gives an accurate account of the machinations of the music business, with Kev drawing on his time as manager of Liverpool band 'The Farm'.

Sunday 3 April 2011


80s Casuals brings you the best from the Fila Club Biella range. To celebrate 100 years as a premium brand, with it's origins in the Italian town of Biella, Fila bring us a collection inspired by the 1970s Monte Carlo playboy era. Fila capture this sophisticated and laid back period with a collection of sportswear adopted on the Riviera and includes a range of knits and polos worthy of any playboys wardrobe. We have the Wilcox knit and the Santiago polo on offer.

Saturday 2 April 2011




We notice one of our favourite artists Pete McKee has a new set of prints available at £30 a piece. Saturday Lads comes from the 'Teenage Kicks' exhibition which was first shown in Paul Smiths Tokyo store in Japan. It then premiered in the U.K. in Pete's home town of Sheffield.
The print depicts a group of lads decked out in their 80s sportswear.
The Whiteroom Gallery also has some prints including an exclusive one titled 'A Casual Life'