Saturday, 27 November 2010


The remainder of the navy Seamaster has finally arrived at our distribution centre. Therefore all stockists will take delivery by the end of this week.
It was nice to see the jacket make an appearance onto a couple of websites this week including the fantastic Umbrella Magazine blog
Umbrella Magazine is a free online mag worthy of an hour of anyones time and the latest issue[2] is available to download now.
We also hear the Seamaster was tweeted about on the Esquire site.


A new "Strange Town - Train Station" T-Shirt is about to be distributed to stores this week. It's an up-date on the "North - Train Station" best seller from a few years back. After many requests for the North T-Shirt we thought it was about time we introduced a few more fashionable characters in an array of designer goods including the classic Burberry Mac and the sought after Arctic Parka.
The 'Strange Town' place name comes from the Jam hit of the same name which includes appropriate lyrics such as "You can't be weird in a strange town,
You'll be betrayed by your accent and manners," and "You've got to wear the right clothes".
These Train Station T-Shirts are popular with all stores as we have individualized the station name to include the home town/city for some stockists.
Check with your local store for the Limited Edition home town T-Shirt.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The first in our 'Challenge' Series of Sweatshirts is now ready for distribution. Our website will have a supply of the "Everest" Limited Edition collection by the weekend plus these stores have exclusively ordered also. Ran, Hip, Planet, Solefood and Casual Clobber. Each Sweatshirt is numbered by the left cuff and is Limited to 100 pieces per colour in total.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Over the last few years 80s Casuals has supplied a few stores across Europe. The Netherlands, Italy, Eire, Hungary and Russian shops have all placed orders as their customers demand a touch of 80s British culture.
Now we are pleased to announce a partnership with a Tokyo based agency. 80sCASUALS.JAPAN have placed an order for a range of our garments with the intention of wholesaling to clothes shops and eventually opening their own store.
The two guys behind the project have a history of retail including 2 youth culture stores [U.S. Hip Hop and Latino] plus a Lambretta Scooter Business.
We wish them the best of luck in this new venture and must say how much of an honour it has been to supply a Japanese market that is at the forefront of fashion design at the moment.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Here we have the first pics of our Urban Gentry Sweatshirt which is due in stores next week.
Using the best embroidery thread and a 7 colour print the design epitomizes the 80s era with the Head bag playing a major part in Awaydays travel throughout the decade.
The new 80s Casuals signature appears on the left sleeve close to the cuff.
The sweatshirt itself is a top of the range American style crew neck, super heavyweight 320gms with a soft cotton rich finish and includes a re-inforced back yoke and a ribbed trim to the neck, cuffs and hem. The heavy stitch density gives the garment a longer life span than ordinary sweatshirts.
Our website store will have some stock hopefully over the weekend with these stores having exclusivity in the next week.
Hip, Solefood, Ran, An-X with Terraces and Hip also taking stock of some Hooded Tops.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


The Warriors T-Shirt shall be available this week.
The final instalment in our trilogy of T-Shirts celebrating one of the most iconic films from our teens. It was the 45th year since the books publication and this final design has the gangs or 'armies of the night' as they are known printed around an image of Swan. These are the gangs who gave the Warriors a rough passage home to Coney Island.
Exclusively available from our website plus these two stockists; Stuarts and Henry Brummel.


The first of the Seamaster Jackets arrived today and should be available on our website tomorrow evening or on Monday. The colour is a Matte Grey with the Navy Blue to follow later in the week. Our store has only 20 pieces of the Grey colour available with the remaining 80 of the Limited Edition 100 going to our usual outlets later this week.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Best Company Sweatshirts from the late 80s are remembered by us with great affection. Italian Designer Olmes Carretti was inspired by the fleece fabric of some American clothing and he set about using emblems and logos on Best Company sweatshirts as his interpretation of a young Europeans fantasy of America. The look was adopted by the Paninari culture of Italy before being taken up here in the UK.
Each of Carretti's designs transmits a message and emotion and it's this strategy which we feel 80s Casuals emits in its T-Shirts. Therefore we feel we should follow in Olmes' footsteps and develop Sweatshirts along the same lines. Each design involves a print procedure involving 7 colours before the wording is embroidered with a gold nylon thread.
We already have two "Challenge" designs in production, the Everest and the Mille Miglia, each limited to 100 and being numbered. Our new design 'Urban Gentry' will be produced at the same time as its T-Shirt in the following two weeks.
Again numbers will be very limited and besides our website the Sweatshirt will only be sold exclusively in Ran, Hip, An-x, Terraces and Solefood. rrp is £55.


"The END" T-Shirt will be on the website this week along with the Liverpool Paisley design.
Ran in Liverpool will have both designs with Hip in Leeds and Stone in Mirfield both stocking "The End" T-Shirt.
This will hopefully be the prelude to the publication in book form of all 20 issues of this iconic 80s fanzine. At present we are in talks with a museum to have a small exhibition to co-incide with the release of the book, possibly in May 2011.

Friday, 5 November 2010


There's been a resurgence of interest in Timberland of late as the company has brought out an Abington range of boots. This was the original name of the brand until they named a shoe Timberland in 1973 and it became so popular they changed the company's name to it.
Timberland produced the first waterproof boots in the 60s by fusing the leather uppers to the sole without stitching.
The Arena ad comes from the late 80s and the added interest in it is the detailing that is put into the boots from the insulation of Ensolite and Thinsulate to the Vibram sole.