Saturday 30 July 2011


Over in Leeds, our friends at Hip have cordially invited you all along to a special preview evening on Thursday, 4 Aug. From 6pm until 9pm the store shall be showcasing the new Barbour x McQueen Collection.
It is 75 years since Barbour introduced their iconic 'International Jacket' and to celebrate the company is paying homage to Hollywood actor Steve McQueen. As a member of the USA International Six Day Trials Team, McQueen was in the party that travelled to London in 1964 and specifically chose the Barbour Jacket as the teams protective wear.
Besides the Jackets there will be other Barbour x McQueen clothing on show with pre-orders being taken on the night. Also on show is the Barbour x To-Ki-To collaboration which will be available to purchase in store.
Those attending the evening will be able to enter a competition to win a Barbour x McQueen Greenham Jacket.
After the event, the launch continues at the Norman Bar till late.


The sun is shining again, just as a new delivery of 'Reni' Sun Hats arrive. We have two new colours which should see us through the remainder of the Summer and any Festivals that remain. The football season has already kicked off in Scotland and is imminent elsewhere so our new colours are chosen with a typical Winter season in mind and will compliment most Jacket colours.
The Bucket Hat now comes in two sizes, Large [like the previous Hats] and a Medium.
An ever popular Black and a Rustic Brown will be available soon on the website with these stores taking stock this week; Ran, Distant Echo, 80s Casualclassics, An-X, Stuarts, Originals Footwear and Henry Brummel.

Friday 29 July 2011


The final sample has arrived of the 'Monte' Ski Hat. This design, inspired by an authentic 80s Italian Ski Hat forms part of this Winters 6 piece 'Off-Peak' Collection. When the wind howls through the stands and the temperatures drop a decent Ski Hat is a definite must.
The colours used allows the wearing of muted Autumnal colours without looking dull. We are at present discussing another colourway with our manufacturers.
Expect deliveries to be early October.

Thursday 28 July 2011


It's always a honour to see any of our clothing in public, whether it be on the back of someone at the match or as in this case a celebrity like Craig Charles. One of the first sections that we added to the 80s Casuals website back in 2005 was a Rogues Gallery which featured guys wearing the T-Shirts all over the world. The Gallery is now in the menu under 'The Casuals' section.
Craig Charles first appeared in Coronation Street back in 2006 wearing our 'Stan Smith' trainer T-Shirt and it's good to see he is still a big fan of the brand with this recent pic of him sporting our M.A.Strum T-Shirt. The design highlights the magnificent Flat Iron building in New York whilst incorporating the logos of MA Strum and the Massimo Osti Archive into the billboards around the building.
The tee is still available here;
Besides his role in Coronation Street, Craig fronts the 6Music programme 'The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show' on a Saturday evenings which covers all genres of Funk, Soul and Mod music from its early origins right up to the present day. Craig knows his music and the programme is one of the most respected on the 6Music station, so much so that he is asked to fill in on Radio 2 when other D.J.s are away on holiday.

Monday 25 July 2011

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The Death Of You And Me

Thought we'd have a musical interlude to start the day and show you Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds single 'The Death of You and Me'. Dave McDonnell from our favourite band of the year 'The Sand Band' joins up with Noel today for three months of rehearsals before they hit the road for a world tour. The first date of the tour is Dublin on October 23.

Saturday 23 July 2011


The Grafters Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 is coming along nicely. The final edit of the Short Sleeve Polo has been produced and the only decision left is the choice of colours. As you can see we have a vast array to choose from.
The 80s Casuals Polo has certain characteristics including the contrast coloured buttons in our signature colours plus the new embroidered logo and the longer cut rear or 'Tennis Tail' as it is known, which helps prevent the shirt coming out of the shorts.
The 'Grafters Collection' is inspired by the early days of the culture and excursions to the sunny climes of Europe to such places as the South of France and Italy. It was here that the distinctive Continental styles and colours caught the eye of this new, young breed of traveller and it wasn't long before certain garments would be liberated from the stores.
Our inspiration comes from the colourful attire which would include pastel hues not usually sold in the UK at the time plus the use of contrast colours for Summer Cagoules and the ubiquitous Blouson usually sported on the cooler evenings.
The collection will be in stores in March 2012 as we hopefully look forward to the European Championships later that year.


A re-stock of T-Shirts will be in-store in the next day or so.
The 'Vegas of the North' plus the '1981 Riots' and 'The History of Sole' had all sold out. The 'Vegas' will be available in Royal Blue, Kelly Green and Navy. The 'Riots' and 'History' tees come in Aqua Blue and Navy. We also have the new 'Fiorucci made me Hardcore' design in Navy, Aqua Blue and Lime Green'.
Another design available shortly is our homage to the Hacienda Club. Coming in Red, Kelly Green, Navy and Aqua Blue, the 'Hacienda' T-Shirt has not been produced for over a year or so.
The Stores have taken a cross-section of designs and deliveries should be in stores by the weekend.

Wednesday 20 July 2011


Here we have a work-in-progress. Our Ski Hat still needs some design work and so we can not preview the full piece of headwear. The hat has been produced using an authentic Italian Ski Hat from the 80s as a template for the size and shape. The inspiration comes from the Ellesse brand which in the early 60s broke down the boundaries between sport and fashion by producing stylish and innovative ski-wear. It was a simple concept in that the product needed to look good but also perform well. The idea was to create staple ski-wear for the 'It' crowd.
The 80s Casuals 'Monte' Ski Hat will be available for this coming Winters snow flurries. Check back for the full design and release date soon.

Monday 18 July 2011


It may feel as though the Winter has arrived early with the wind and rain of the last few days, but there's still plenty of time to watch the sun go down in Ibiza. If you're looking for a bargain check the Deadstock page of the site
We are clearing a few T-Shirts to make way for this months deliveries and all of our existing Fila stock has been reduced, some by as much as 50% or more. So there are a few bargains to be had if you need to pick up some last minute holiday attire.
Even if you've got no plans to chase the sun, there are a few key items that will see you through these freak Summer days including a series of Sweatshirts, plus the crimson Dakar Jacket has been reduced by 30%. An ideal purchase for any up-coming mud Festivals. There are also a few big sizes left of the 'Awaydays' Cagoule on our Ebay site.

Sunday 17 July 2011


The St. Moritz Jumper from our A/W Collection has had a slight alteration from the previous sample. The embroidered logo will be positioned on the left arm in keeping with the jumpers tradition from a few seasons back.
We now have four key pieces in place, a Gilet, Shirt, Polo and Jumper. To follow in the next few weeks will be a Ski Hat and Smock.


Carlo Rivetti, the head of Stone Island takes us on a tour of the company's headquarters in Ravarino. Here he reveals the in-depth research and experimentation that goes into every Jacket and Collection. The Historical Archives are visited along with the Colour Lab where the dyeing techniques are explained in great detail.

Saturday 16 July 2011


The Autumn/Winter 2011 'Off-Peak' collection embraces the great outdoors which generally means layering on the garments for grim rainy awaydays. Start with the traditional long sleeve Polo. Timeless and an all year staple, the 80s Casuals L/S Polo has had a few distinguishing touches added from last years including the contrast buttons in the brands corporate colours and the new smaller embroidered logo badge. We await a colour swatch but we are aiming to do three colours, Black, Heather Grey and Azure Blue. Stores should take stock at the beginning of October.




Our first glimpse of the Chevignon re-launch includes a pic of a selection of Gilets emphasising the great outdoors look for this Winter.
Classic French brand Chevignon started in 1979 inspired by vintage U.S. outerwear. By 1984 the off-shoot Togs Unlimited had launched with the inspiration coming from Robert De Niro's Deer Hunter character. The labels Jackets and Sweatshirts became immortalised in The 90s due to its exposure in the Face magazine.
Chevignon re-launched the Togs Unlimited brand in 2010 with a range of Jackets sold exclusively in the Colette store of Paris and now the Chevignon label is ready hit stores again this Autumn/Winter. Tessuti in Chester are taking a small supply, but if its a Gilet you're after and don't wish to pay for the higher priced Chevignon, then the 80s Casuals Gilet should be in stores at the beginning of September.

Wednesday 13 July 2011


This week will see a re-stock of the Jimmy 'Quadrophenia' T-Shirt in store. The Summer palette of Lime and Aqua are the chosen colours with the obligatory Navy thrown in.
Other stores taking stock include Henry Brummel, D.N.A. 80s Casualclassics, Stern, SW1 and Ran.
The kids store Minnie Bee and also taking a run of smaller sizes.

Saturday 9 July 2011


A lot of brands are showcasing their Spring/Summer 2012 Collections at the moment. Pitti in Florence and BREAD and butter Berlin being just two of the places at which the latest creations from the fashion industry can be seen.
Here at 80s Casuals we bring our 2012 Collection straight to the customer first via this blog. We've already presented a first sample of the short sleeve Polo plus the reversible Blouson will now be a part of the Grafters Collection for 2012 once the detailing is to the highest standard.
Besides the Polo and Blouson we introduce our Third Cagoule. The first two were inspired by the Peter Storm and Patrick iconic jackets from the 80s. Now we bring the 80s Casuals Cagoule right up to date with a more modern shape and style. As with any Cagoule it is functional and easily packable having a zipped pouch as part of its construction. The sample is not the finished article and we still have a few amends to make including the choice of colours but we shall show any alterations here first.

Thursday 7 July 2011


In the forthcoming month all samples will have reached us for our Autumn/Winter '11 Season. The 'Off-Peak Collection' takes its styling from the 80s Ski-wear and Mountain-wear legacy which were a pivotal influence. Cotton Jumpers, Ski Hats, Gilets and Smocks all became a part of the Terrace look.
The result of our designs are a selection of easy to wear garments that will fit nicely into any Casual collection.
Here we have the 'St Moritz' Jumper in 100% cotton. It will be available at first in Frost Grey and Mountain Blue with more colours to follow, and comes with a smaller discreet version of the 80s Casuals embroidered badge.
and the plaid shirt is having the finer detailing put in place.
Also in the design stage are a Winter bobble Ski Hat, an over the head Smock plus an up-dated Long sleeve Polo. These should arrive later in the month. Check back for more Pics.

Tuesday 5 July 2011


The 'Reni' Bucket Hat has long sold out on the website. From the emails that we've had, a few people have missed out. So if you're still looking for one then check these websites;
Terraces, Camisera, Henry Brummel and 80s Casualclassics.
All have the two free badges that are given away free with the hat.
We have no plans at present to reproduce the two Summer colours of Sand and Navy but it is now likely that we will produce a Black and Rustic Brown for the beginning of the football season. The new colours will be available in two sizes including a slightly smaller size from the ones already produced.