Friday 6 July 2012


The Coral's last tour was in late 2010. That was to promote the album 'Butterfly House' which was named 'Album of the year 2010' at The Music Producers Guild Awards. 
They are one of those groups that will play a gig and the audience will be 90% male and regular match going lads. The last time I saw them the crowd was like a catwalk of adidas and Casual gear aplenty. Lead singer James Skelly is a Season Ticket holder at Anfield and likes the odd bit of Eighties attire, so we tend to keep a close eye on what the band are up to.
Since that gig however they have taken a hiatus which means the individual members can concentrate on some solo projects. James is working on his own solo album whilst brother Ian has been putting previews of his own album tracks on his Soundcloud page.
The Coral and the 60s influence is still there so we think it is definately worth a listen and we eagerly await the release of the album titled 'Cut from a Star' in October.
Photo courtesy of John Johnson Photography
On the subject of music Eighties has an exciting music project to be announced soon.
Check back for details in the coming week.