Sunday 22 July 2012


New York 1995.
Hilfiger Jackets and Cap.

Bill Routledge contacted us this week to keep us up-dated on his latest 'tome'. The 400+ pages of  'Northern Monkeys' contains over 60 years of teenage culture. I have in fact made a contribution myself after my 'arl fella' regaled me with tales of being in the Merchant Navy in the late 50s and bringing back Rock 'n' Roll records, suits, jeans and white goods from across the pond. They became known as the Cunard Yanks as the ships they sailed on were from the Cunard Line and the styling of their attire was American. They were the protagonists of 50s style in Liverpool.
I also wrote about an un-documented period of Liverpool fashion. The mid 90s saw some of us travel to New York for weekends to pick up Tommy Hilfiger clothing a good three years before a European flagship store opened in London in 1998. A new bit of Americana entered the fashion stakes on Merseyside as Gant, Ralph Lauren, Bass Weejuns etc were also finding their way into the suitcase.
Bills book will be set for pre-order hopefully in mid September and then with possibly a late September release. Here's Bill's write up about the book;