Tuesday 28 May 2013


Well you didn't think we would forget the blue boys who have supported our brand from the off did you?

Available mid June exclusively from www.distantecho.co.uk and Ran in Liverpool JM

Saturday 25 May 2013


Now even as a Tranmere fan I can't fault the service or achievements of Jamie Carragher both to and with Liverpool football club. Jamie is an old school football player if you like, one club Man, gets on with the game and doesn't appear to be attracted to some of the nonsense that the modern day footballer has come to be associated with. Add to this he's always had the same hair cut, never worn an ear ring and offered a talk sport presenter a straightener....I like him.

Available soon exclusively from www.distantecho.co.uk and Ran in Liverpool. JM

Sunday 12 May 2013


The classic sun hat brings back some great memories for me. The first time I can recall seeing one in a football context was as a teenager delivering leaflets in Chester city center. A firm of Blackpool lads were causing a bit of a fracus on the town hall steps all decked out in Burberry reversible sun hat as I watch on from a distance in ore. 

The sun hat has always had it's place on the terrace weather it be Burberry, Ellesse or Lacoste. So throwing our own hat in to the ring (pun intended) we have just released the OLYMPICO a classic 80s inspired number with reversible check. Perfect for days in the beer garden, on your jollies and the pre season sun.

£29.95 in olive, beige and navy. JM

Saturday 11 May 2013


Keeping on the house music tip here is a little treat from Boys Own legend and long term Eighties forum member Terry Farley. If you don't know who Terry is....where have you been?

Watch this space for our exclusive re issue of the Boys Own 'London Love It Or Leave It' printed T shirt. JM


We're not the sort of brand that bangs out pin badges for the sake of a quick buck, which is why since our first set released back in 2004 we have only added a handful. To us a pin needs to have meaning and thought behind it before you attach it to your collar.

The rise of the football casual saw lads drop scarves and colours from their match day attire leaving only the humble pin badge as their mark of allegiance. This in turn became a nod of approval or indeed a smack in the mush depending on who you run in to on any given Saturday. Times have changed since then and approval is all we hope you receive should you choose to sport one of our pins on your threads.

'Scarface' is a character kindly donated to us by our pal Kevin Sampson from the inside cover of his superb novel 'Awaydays'. 
We love this little scribble so much as the book and the drawing both perfectly encapsulate the period of change from Boot boys to Casuals which still lives on today.

Our 'Palla' logo is again of deep meaning to us as the association with tennis wear on the body and feet was a huge part of the early Casual scene and no symbol was ever more sort after than the Bj ball next to that famous F.

Both sold separately priced at £4.95 and released on Sunday the 12th of May @ 6pm

Monday 6 May 2013


As promised for those who are children of the house music revolution we will try to wet your appetite every  now and then with a selection of house sounds from myself and guests. Staying in is the new going out apparently so how cool am I! Well not very actually as all I've done this weekend is work on the brand and put this little mix together.....enjoy. JM  


Saturday 4 May 2013


Ever wondered how one of our printed t shirt designs goes from an idea to a finished garment?

And finally this coming soon...

                    Oh and you didn't think we had forgot about you lot South of the border did you?

Friday 3 May 2013


The humble plain crew neck t shirt with the right branding is a staple in any dressers wardrobe in our book. My personal favorite was the original Emporio Armani version with the sewn on golden eagle but many other such as Lacoste and Benetton are considered classics by us to.                 


A few years back we paid homage to this with the 'Ordinary' tee using our classic leather badge. Well we have move on a little since then so we thought our tenth year in business might be a good time to re visit an old friend and treat him to our snazzy new tennis ball logo and Eighties pinch tab. So the MK2 version of said tee is available this weekend in navy, white and chocolate plus the ever so 80s pastel green and yellow. JM