Sunday 27 November 2011


The Stone Roses Spike Island T-Shirt is ready to be printed this week, therefore we hope to supply stores in time for next weekends busy Christmas Shopping spree. Stores should take delivery on Friday.
The free monthly Bido Lito publication has just hit the shops and includes an ad for our Roses T-Shirt but  the publication is always worth checking out if you have plans to visit Liverpool for a weekend.
Their website is now up and running and the magazine can be viewed via the site plus it also contains other content including videos, photos, blogs and music.

Friday 25 November 2011


Today we are told is known as Black Friday. An Americanism that has recently sneaked into our vocabulary. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. and traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season. Many non-retail staff are given a days holiday and to entice them into their stores many retailers have reductions and open early.
Therefore we thought it best to involve ourselves and offer a couple of 'buy it now' deals via Ebay. First up are the Black and Brown 'Reni' Bucket Hats at a reduction of 60%, then we have the exclusive leather bound 80s Casuals A4 Book at 50% off. This was limited to 50 pieces and is signed by both of us and numbered. Seeing as the first edition of 2000 A4 books were fetching £30+ after selling out, then this must be the best bargain for a Christmas gift.
These two deals will only be up for a week.
You'll also find a few more bargains on the site as we make room for the forthcoming years new Collections.

Thursday 24 November 2011


One of our favourite blogs is Inventory and twice yearly they produce an excellent magazine cum book titled 'Inventory'. I say book as the tome contains 170+ pages and sells for the 'not really a magazine' price of £16. But we forgive them the price as the content is usually a fantastic read. 
This Volume 03 Number 05 contains interviews with Nigel Cabourn on his collaboration with Eddie Bauer in the States plus, as shown here, an interview with Stone Island CEO Carlo Rivetti.
The Inventory Book is available from these stores in the U.K:

Dover Street Market - London  Albam - London
Present - London  Garbstore - London 
 Number Six - London 

 The Vintage Showroom - London
The Shop at Bluebird - London 
 The Bureau - Belfast 

 Superdenim - York  End Clothing - Newcastle
Oi Polloi - Manchester  Hip - Leeds 
 Ideology - Sheffield 
 Indigo & Cloth - Dublin  GmbH - Glasgow  Analogue Books - Edinburgh 
 Goodstead - Edinburgh  Kafka - Aberdeen

Tuesday 22 November 2011


The nights have certainly drawn in now and the forecast is for a drop in temperature. Therefore we thought it necessary to re-stock the 'Tomba' Gilet. We ran pretty low on many sizes in the weeks following its introduction, so we have re-ordered just a small amount of each size for those that may have missed out. The Gilet has become this Winter's 'must have' with a few stores selling out of the £300+ Stone Island piece in days. The 'Tomba' retails at a fraction of that price at £99.50 but according to some feedback we have had, the quality is on par with the more expensive items on the market. Both colours should be available in the next day.
Other stores stocking the 'Tomba' include Ran, Edge Clothing, Camisera, An-X, SW1, Hip, Evolution, Originals Footwear and Henry Brummel.

Monday 21 November 2011


It's good to see the guys over at Freakbeat Films establishing a decent portfolio with a bit of 80s nostagia in the form of Grandmaster Flash. The influential DJ grew up in the Bronx, New York and was one of the pioneers of Hip Hop DJing.
Freakbeat you may remember did a promo for our Dakar Jacket earlier in the year,  plus a promo for our Manchester and Liverpool stockists Ran
We shall hopefully be using them again in the near future to film our Grafters Collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

Sunday 20 November 2011


As fears of a second banking crisis looms and the Euro appears in turmoil our Spring/Summer 2012 Grafters Collection takes us back to the 80s and the currency used in the day. Once the Transalpino ticket was sorted, it was time to change some money. If you were travelling by train across Europe a number of different currencies would be needed. The French Franc, German DeutshMark and Italian Lira all made us feel rich as each countries currency seemed to be worth a lot more than the English pound. 10 Francs, 4 DeutchMarks and over 2000 Lira all for a quid.
Each of the garments from our Spring Grafters Collection takes its name from one of the European Currencies that passed through our hands on many a foreign jaunt.
We recently previewed the 'Escudo' Jacket, plus the 'Krone' Cagoule and here we have the Short Sleeved 'Drachma' Shirt. The Shirt comes in two different plaid checks and has a couple of simple details including a contrast chambray neck and cuff lining, plus a breast pocket which has a chambray inner pocket. The idea being that the main pocket can be used for an accessory such as a phone or a pack of cigarettes while the smaller pocket can house a Zippo.
A short tale from some excursions included using English coins in West Germany in 1981. It was possible to use 3 English five pence pieces in cigarette machines to purchase 20 Marlboro as the five pence piece was the same size as a DeutshMark. Therefore paying 15p for a 75p [3 DeutschMarks] packet of ciggies.
The 'Drachma' Shirt should be in stores by March along with the 'Escudo' Jacket and newly named 'DeutshMark' [Short sleeved] Polo.

Saturday 19 November 2011


As the youngest player in England's 1966 World Cup winning team, Alan Ball already had his name etched into the annals of English football history before signing for Everton in August of the same year. He became a member of a midfield consisting of Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall that was affectionately known as 'The Holy Trinity' and it was this trio that was instrumental in taking Everton to a Championship win in the 1969/70 season.
Ball was seen by Evertonians as one of the greatest players to wear the Royal Blue shirt and honoured him with the chant 'Who's the greatest of them all? Little curly Alan Ball'
Our T-Shirt depicts Alan in his famous white boots in front of Prince Ruperts Tower which was constructed in 1787 to incarcerate drunks and deviants and is used on the Everton club crest.
The T-Shirt is already up on our website and is available in Royal Blue and the 'away kit'  Gold of the 60s. Ran in Liverpool have a Navy version. While Distant Echo will also take delivery this weekend of the Royal Blue colour.

Thursday 17 November 2011


Our favourite artist Dave White gives an interview in Ralph Laurens latest online mag this month. 
An exclusive painting of Monument Valley was also created for the feature.
The interview also coincides with a new release from the 'Americana' series. The Cougar is a Limited Edition Giclee with 20 hand finished with gold leaf.

Wednesday 16 November 2011


Here we have another promo for the Casuals Documentary which is due a December release. This piece showcases London band Accent who were dressers as well as being in a band, hence the link. That link however between Casual and Music was never apparent at the time and many genres of music was listened to outside of the football. 

Sunday 13 November 2011


As part of the Spring/Summer '12 Grafters Collection we have a series of Jackets which shall be released during a 6 month spell. We have already previewed the 'Krone' Cagoule which will have a March release and now we have the 'Escudo' Jacket which will be the first in stores towards the end of February.
This garment will be produced in Two main colours, Patriot Blue (Navy) and Latte (Dark Beige), Using both colours as contrasts with each other.
The 'Escudo' is a 100% cotton full zip and buttoned thigh length jacket consisting of a contrast coloured button-on [detachable] hood with a high three button neck with drawstring, contrast elbow detail, metal underarm grommets enhance air circulation, button adjustable cuffs and two large double press stud bellow pockets.
More pics to follow shortly.

Saturday 12 November 2011


The website will have a few new additions in store this weekend. The final piece in this Winters 'Off-Peak' Collection sees the 'Summit' Smock take its place alongside the 'Tomba' Gillet, 'Chamonix' Shirt and the 'Cortina' Polo in a nice little Capsule Series. A long thought process has gone into each design and we believe these garments will have a lengthly time-span in most wardrobes.
Our thoughts now turn to the Spring/Summer Collection of next year and we shall premiere a new Jacket tomorrow which we believe is on par with anything we have seen from any of next years major Collections.
The new T-Shirt designs keep coming every 6 weeks with the 'Northern Exposure' and 'Ecstasy' both ready and appearing soon on our site.
All new T-shirt designs plus a re-run of a Borg Elite from a few years back, have all been distributed to stores in time for this weekend. The Smock should also be in most stores by today although a few may see a Monday delivery.

Tuesday 8 November 2011


It's been a nine month process from an initial illustration shown here in February to the 'Off-Peak' Summit Smock finally arriving this week. A few major changes took place in that time as we developed what we hope will be the perfect Winter protection for the ever changing British weather.
The Smock has a front chest pocket, two front buttoned side pockets with open side entry, a peaked hood and re-inforced elbow patches. The hood has beige cord fastening, plus the waist and hem also has a cord fastener.
Available in Navy or Khaki the RRP is a very reasonable £100/£105. will have the 'Summit' on-line this weekend whist stores will be taking delivery from Tuesday of next week.
Stockists besides our own website include;
Terraces, Hip, Ran, 80s Casualclassics, An-X, Casual Clobber, Xile, D.N.A. Evolution and Distant Echo, plus our stockist in Greece.

Monday 7 November 2011


The Capri Scarf seems to be making a bit of an impression of late. The initial three colours sold quicker than expected and a re-order is in place. The green and ink are available here 
Its a nice appraisal to be given a mention on other blogs, as was the case last week with The Reference Council highlighting the qualities of the 'Capri' and this week it's followed up with a mention on the Sabotage Times site in an article on ideal garments for this Winter.
Speaking of Sabotage Times, this is the place to order The End book. News reaches us that Waterstones are keen to stock it nationally plus News from Nowhere in Liverpool, Fat Buddah in Glasgow and Jumbo in Leeds will be carrying stock.