Sunday 27 February 2011


We have a re-stock of our understated American Apparel + 80s Casuals Sweatshirt in store now. These are not available at any store for the time being, so our website is the only stockist.
We have a few new colours including Sea Blue, Truffle and Slate Grey available, in sizes ranging from Small to XL.

Saturday 26 February 2011


Here we have a short video by Stone Island showing Head of Product Andrea Moro discussing the crucial elements of of the manufacturing process that goes into every garment. The film is intended to give a greater insight into the philosophy of the brand. This is the third in the series which has included a tour with Carlo Rivetti and a short film on the dyeing process used by Stone Island.


This Spring we introduce another quality brand into our small portfolio of labels. 12thMan has gained a high regard in its short lifespan. An initial collection included a collaboration with the Massimo Osti Studio and a Limited Edition release of four Osti designed T-Shirts.

12thMan is the project of an independent studio based in Bologna, Italy. They produce limited editions garments, using selected fabrics sourced from the best Italian suppliers and experimenting with both innovative and traditional dyeing and finishing techniques.

The 12thMan concept is one of blending Italian sartorial heritage with technical innovation by sourcing and selecting high quality fabrics which are then refined with both experimental and traditional dyeing and washing processes.

Handmade dyeing techniques are also employed in the manufacturing process making each 12thMan piece a unique one.

The focus of its S/S 2011 range, which includes t-shirts, polo-shirts and sweatshirts, both in Tinto Filo and Tinto Capo, features simple but refined construction and 100% natural fabrics which provide constant comfort and functionality.

12thMan garments, which are offered in a presentation box along with a signed certificate of authenticity, are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

80s Casuals are one of only 14 stockists of the brand in the U.K.

Pics of the collection will follow soon.


In stores this week is 'The Last Gang in Town' T-Shirt. Taking it's tagline "In every street and every station" from the Clash song "The Last Gang in Town" the image depicts a scene witnessed in all towns across the British Isles every weekend. Pulling up in a different town every other week unsure of the welcome that awaits.

Monday 21 February 2011


As with all 80s Casuals designs, the initial process starts with a rough sketch. We will start out with a basic idea of, in this case, the Autumn/Winter Smock. The illustration then evolves with the positioning of pockets, fastenings and other extras. This process is necessary to give the pattern-cutter their first visualization and clear understanding of how we want the garment to look. Material, weight, buttons, zips, drawstring and pocket size are just a few of the essential specifications needed in the production process.
The next step for the Smock is to get a sample made and to choose the colours of the material. We will receive a Pantone colour Swatch from the manufacturer and then a sample will be produced.
This whole process can take up to four months.
Keep checking back to see the next development stage of the 80s Casuals Smock.

Sunday 20 February 2011


The Cagoule was invented by Noel Bibby for the Peter Storm label in the early 60s. As anyone involved in the 80s Casual scene will know it became popular in the late 70s/early 80s.
This year sees a host of brands re-inventing Noel Bibbys lightweight jacket with the term "Smock" being used more often than "Cagoule" to descibe them.
One of our first attempts at manufacturing our own clothing was our 'Awayday' Cagoule approximately 3 years ago. It sold extremely well and then any unsold items were't put on sale but put away in stock. We recently raided the stock room to put those unsold garments up on ebay at a greatly reduced price of £25 [inclusive of p+p].
Waterproof with taped seams, an elasticated Hood and Cuffs plus a hidden front zipped kangaroo Pocket.
Not all sizes are available and only two colours [Navy and Khaki] were produced but we need to shift them to make room for the forthcoming Dakar and Nevada Jackets.
Plans are in motion to produce a new 80s Casuals "Smock" for Autumn 2011 and as always details will appear here first.
BUY the "AWAYDAY CAGOULE" at our Ebay store;


Once again 80s Casuals will be stocking MA Strum Clothing for the forthcoming Spring/Summer season.
The collections seem to be going from strength to strength and this one is no different.
We have selected 5 stand out pieces including the Field Trench Coat, the Rain Bomber, a knit Jacket, the Flint Field Jacket and the Military Jersey Jacket.
The Classic designs have been created using new fabrics and advanced materials, Here we have the introductory interview plus a selection of this Springs designs.
All pieces can be viewed on the MA Strum website;

Saturday 19 February 2011


On purchasing the latest 80s Casuals designs you will notice that we continue to refine our look. The back of the neck print was looking a bit tired so we have introduced our Signature branding as used on the front of the 'Urban Gentry' range of T-Shirts. An embroidered version of the signature has already appeared on the sleeve of the American Apparel Sweatshirts and has proved a popular choice.


The "Fine Couture" T-Shirt is the second in our 'Urban Gentry' range. This weeks release will see them hit the stores by Wednesday/Thursday. The colour range includes Lime Green, Dark Heather, Red, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Marl Grey, Charcoal Grey, Golden Yellow and the usual Navy, Black and White. Check with your stockists for their colour selection.
Our website has the Lime and Navy on order with a Dark Heather Hooded sweatshirt.

Tuesday 15 February 2011


The Patagonia Shirt will be online tomorrow. Limited to just 100 pieces of each colour, our website has a supply that once sold out cannot be re-stocked.
Our usual stockists have been taking delivery this week and may have them in-store towards the weekend.
The button down shirt takes its inspiration from the American preppy scene, very prevalent in todays fashion world, plus the British modernist look of the early 60s. A classic look is the large and micro Gingham as used on the Navy shirt, while the Blood Red shirt has a contrast Blue check for a bolder style.

Monday 14 February 2011


Here we have a rare interview with Massimo Osti of C.P. and Stone Island fame. Although it is in Italian [maybe our friends from Mentalita Ultras can translate] its gives an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a top fashion label. From the choosing of Pantone colours to the fabric used in the design process, even the shape and style of a pocket are all on view as the designer prepares for a forthcoming catwalk show.
Should we get a translation we will put it here soon.

Sunday 13 February 2011


The Stockists page of the site has been up-dated recently. Here you will find all Stores who order 80s Casuals on a regular basis and we will add any new Shops who come on board as soon as is possible. We still have an exclusive policy of only supplying 1 store per City/Town and each Store has the town in which it resides next to it. A quick search of Google will give you the exact location of all Stockists.


The Young Sole Rebels T-Shirt will make an appearance this week. Its good to see the stores ordering an array of colours for this Spring. Colour-Blocking, the art of carrying-off a mix of bright bold colours, always screams confidence and Casuals were always the ones for making a statement in the dress-stakes. The 80s saw many vibrant tones introduced such as mint greens, pinks, turquoise, yellows etc which our parents would not be seen dead in.
So this Spring/Summer sees us introduce a Pink Terrinda, a Burnt Orange Nevada or a Deep Red Dakar Jacket with a brightly coloured 80s Casuals T-Shirt into our wardrobe.
Stockists include Ran, Manifesto, Terraces, Originals Footwear, Henry Brummel, Hip, Evolution, 80s Casualclassics, Homeboy, Mainline and Stone.

Friday 11 February 2011


adidas Bamba [Clash of the Titans]

adidas Tobacco [Clash of the Titans]

Americana Exhibition

Artist Dave White captured the imagination in 2003 with an exhibition titled "Clash of the Titans". Here was someone on the same wavelength as ourselves who looked upon trainers as Objects of Desire and ultimately pieces of Art.
The exhibition had 10 paintings each of adidas and Nike trainers done in Dave's now distinctive style known as Contemporary Pop Art. A relationship was formed with Nike and collaborations have been forthwith with printed T-Shirts and Limited Edition trainers, but trawling the web does not bring up many of the adidas paintings. Here we have two of our favourites [Bamba and Tobacco] unseen since that exhibition.
This year Dave enjoys 20 years as an artist which has seen him tour Europe as a scratch DJ with Surreal Madrid to having his paintings hung in the corporate boardrooms of Nike, Lacoste and Rocafella Records. His skills have also been used in collaborations with Coca Cola and most recently American giants AOL.
Always drawing inspiration from his youth, a new exhibition "Americana" opens in London on 11 April until 30 April at the Coningsby Gallery.
Dave has again caught the zeitgeist as the paintings depicts the golden age of the Western movie which is very much at the forefront of fashion and film at the moment. American labels are looking back at design from the late 19th Century for inspiration while the Oscar nominated film "True Grit" is released this month.
Here we have Dave hand-finishing a Limited Edition screen-print of the "Forgotten Alchemy" collections '38' pistol.
Check his website for more videos and details of other projects from the last 20 years.

Sunday 6 February 2011


The Patagonia Shirt from the "Desert Collection" will be in stores before the end of February, being the perfect accompaniment to the Sahara Shorts for this Summers holidays.
It was felt that the Shirt needed some rather subtle details to characterize it for this Spring/Summer season. Our designers were able to skillfully position our 80s logo within the distinguishing white leather pocket corner piece. The buttons have the usual 80s Casuals finely embossed. Although both insignia are difficult to detect, it was this type of small feature and elusiveness which the Casual craved during the 1980s. Even from the back the shirt has the distinguishable contrast red back collar button and the white leather back loop.

Saturday 5 February 2011


A short video of the most en-vogue handmade fabric of the last few years, which has seen great British brands/designers relentlessly scouring their archives for home-grown, hand-crafted materials.
Harris Tweed is hand woven by the islanders of the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool which is dyed and spun. It is finished in the islands of Harris, Lewis, North and South Ulst, Benbecula and Barra. Today every 50 metres of genuine Harris Tweed is checked by an inspector from the Harris Tweed Association before being stamped by hand with the orb symbol.

Thursday 3 February 2011


The Navy "Deck" Polo has now been posted to stockists and should be in-store and on our Website this weekend. An all year round classic suitable for all weather conditions,
the Navy colour follows on from a Marl Grey and Black version with other colours to follow throughout the year. Again only 100 have been produced so once sold out they will not return.
RRP is £45 and stores stocking the Long Sleeve Polo include: Ran, Henry Brummel,
Casual Clobber and Red Square.