Sunday 22 July 2012


I'm sure there's a few on here who are gearing up for that fortnight in Ibiza.
We therefore have an exclusive in our Store. The Carl Cox 'Godfather of House' T-Shirt is available now in 3 colours.
Jay tells us here how he got involved in the whole scene and how he was once on the same bill as the legend himself.
"In 1988 a friend of mine told me about this new thing that was kicking off called Acid music. He said he had heard of this club in Liverpool that was playing it on a Thursday night, so we went. Inside it was mind blowing, no Shazza's doing the side step around their handbags and no Ted's waiting to glass you for so much as a side ways glance for spilling their pint. This place was fucking booming! heads just letting themselves go, throwing mad shapes everywhere in the flicker of a strobe light.
The next day we felt so aloof as we knew this was the beginning of something big. While most others were still asking for the last dance in the Ritzy, this was what we would be immersed in, and for three years I was. This time took me from Dumbarton to Bournemouth and everywhere in-between as I tried to carve my name as an underground house DJ. Back then there were no superstar DJ's, just lads who turned up with a flight case of 12 inches and a set of headphones if they were flash. It never went any further than that for me, as once the establishment done their thing, it just wasn't the same in sanitized night clubs as it had been in seedy disused warehouses.
I once played on the same bill as Carl Cox, and although he has gone on to be a big name, he was there in the beginning and has stood the test of time. Even to this day when you watch the big guy play, you can see he still loves the music and what it's doing to him and not just wanting to be a big time Charlie who gets all the cars and girls.
For this reason Carl Cox is my Godfather of house.
Below is a link to a live mix re mastered from cassette from when I was playing back in 1989. I hope it brings back some fantastic memories for you as it does for me. Memories are all we take with us and the one thing they cannot take away from us."