Saturday 24 April 2010


Dutch magazine "BRIGHT' dropped onto the doormat this morning. Beautifully designed, the publication would definately be purchased if it was in English. Content includes design, technology, gadgets and touches of fashion. The reason we were sent a copy was a thanks for helping out for the "Ideas from Massimo Osti" article. We sent them the Arena magazine piece from 1995. The "Bright" article itself looks like it has interviewed Lorenzo and Agata Osti and therefore would be of interest should anyone be able to translate it. I have contacted the magazine writer to see if he has an English transcription. Should we receive an English copy I will post it up.

Sunday 18 April 2010


Pete McKee came to our attention a few years back when we noticed his 'Casuals' painting. Born in Sheffield in 1966 Pete didn't use his artistic skills commercially until offered £50 to do drawings for a Sheffield Wednesday fanzine and then the Sheffield Telegraph. His painting career  began in earnest around 2004 and he hasn't looked back since.
Inspired by his working class roots his imagery includes youth cultures such as Mods and Rockers as well as musical referances including a recent collection on Manchester musicians. His work was also applied to a Limited Edition Clarks Desert Boot and in recent years Pete has worked with the Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher and now Paul Smith. Last week saw the opening of his first exhibition in Japan 'Teenage Kicks', which will show in the Paul Smith store in Tokyo.
Open edition prints start at £20 with Limited Edition prints around £100 and originals with a price on request.
In 2006 I asked Pete to replicate the cover of my first book 'Liverpool Boys are in Town' which he did in his own inimitable style with the adidas trainers, pringle jumper, adidas jumper and narrow jeans on show from the original pic.




MEASUREMENT (INCH)    S         M       L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
FRONT LENGTH HIGHEST SH POINT 27 3/4 28 3/4   29 3/4      30 3/4    31 3/4     32 3/4 33 3/4
CHEST (1/2)       21 22           23          24 25          26          27
BOTTOM HEM OPENING WIDTH      21 5/8       22 5/8     23 5/8     24 5/8     25 5/8 26 5/8    27 5/8
SLEEVE LENGTH 29 3/4       30 3/8 31          31 5/8     32 1/4     32 7/8 33 1/2
SLEEVE OPENING 4 1/8         4 3/8        4 5/8 4 7/8 5 1/8      5 3/8     5 5/8
BACK NECK WIDTH SEAM TO SEAM 7 7/8     8 1/8        8 3/8       8 5/8       8 7/8      9 1/8      9 3/8
FRONT NECK DROP 4 1/8     4 1/4         4 3/8        4 1/2      4 5/8      4 3/4      4 7/8
HOOD LENGTH                                    10 3/8 10 5/8      10 7/8      11 1/8     11 3/8     11 5/8 11 7/8
HOOD WIDTH 9 5/8 9 7/8       10 1/8      10 3/8     10 5/8     10 7/8    11 1/8
POCKET LENGTH 8 1/4     8 1/4       8 1/2       8 1/2       8 1/2       8 3/4 8 3/4
POCKET WIDTH 6 5/8     6 5/8        6 7/8      6 7/8       6 7/8 7 1/8      7 1/8
UPPER POCKET LENGTH 5 1/4     5 1/4        5 1/2      5 1/2       5 1/2       5 3/4      5 3/4
UPPER POCKET WIDTH 3 5/8      3 5/8        3 7/8      3 7/8       3 7/8      4 1/8      4 1/8
BICEPS 2.5CM BELOW ARMHOLE      9 1/2      9 7/8       10 1/4     10 5/8        11      11 3/8     11 3/4
BOTTOM HEM HEIGHT                          1   

Tuesday 13 April 2010


This lightweight Nylon Summer jacket is a must for those early morning chilly starts and those late evening breezes. It features two front asymmetric zips, one to open the garment fully and the other to let in air.
The left breast has the trademark 80s 'keep safe' pocket and will have an 80s logo press stud button. The lower front section boasts two generous flap covered bellow pockets.
Finally should the elements turn unpleasant the adjustable rain hood should see you through any rain showers. The Rambler Jacket is finished off with the now distinctive 80s Casuals leather badge. The Jacket has a limited production run  of 100 per colour and will only be available in a mid-blue and light khaki colour. There is a possibility that the sample yellow colour may be available in very limited numbers. We shall know in the next few days. Expected delivery to stores is late May.

Sunday 11 April 2010


This article from the Face magazine in 1991 recently surfaced on the 80s Casuals forum. Re-published here courtesy of Iain Badger [forum member] the text is by Gavin Hills and asks the question, Did Acid House kill the football hooligan? Gavin sadly drowned in 1997. He became one of The Face 's star writers, writing about the usual youth culture subjects such as drugs, clubs, trainers, sex, sport, computer games etc. Bliss To Be Alive: The Collected Writings of Gavin Hills was published by Penguin in 2000
click on pic to enlarge.

Saturday 10 April 2010


This week sees the release of our "Fine Young Casuals" T-Shirt. The Burberry 'nova check' scarf was a fine accessory until stolen by the chav stereotype in the late 90s, highlighting the 'pole drift' of the luxury designer brands to low socio-economic groups due mainly to the counterfeiting of such brands. This association led Burberry to employ designer Christopher Bailey to help re-brand its image. The 'chav' following soon fell by the wayside, so could the label now be due a renaissance, especially the scarf?
The T-Shirt will be available this week from and most stockists within the next two weeks.

Sunday 4 April 2010

AD of the WEEK

From the Arena Magazine Summer/Autumn of 1988. The Stone Island "Ice Jacket" is possibly one of the most collectable from the S.I. 80s range. A thermo-sensitive liquid crystal coating changes colour from White to Blue at low temperatures. At between 15 °C and 10°C the fabric will gradually begin to change from its initial colour. 
Flicking through these Arena magazines gives an idea of the cost of some Stone Island jackets during its introduction into British stores. The "Ice Jacket" retailed for £450 at the time and was one of the most expensive jackets of the late 80s.

Saturday 3 April 2010


In compiling the 80s Casuals book a look of expense and thought went into purchasing original gear to give the book the right look. Jay has been an avid collector over the last decade and some training shoes cost upwards of £300 with many bits of clothing also being costly acquisitions. Many people flicking through its pages have commented on how they wished they had never thrown out that favourite piece of Fila BJ or that pair of adidas. Especially on seeing the vast sums gained on Ebay. but what will be collectables of the future? 
Now that the re-make of 'The Firm' has placed the sportswear at the fore-front of todays fashion, it is likely that in 20 years time we could be seeing the same retro styling on the streets again as todays teenagers hanker for that nostalgic feeling. The fact that we have a collaboration with possibly one of the greatest brands from the 80s casual period was quite inconceivable a few years back, but what we also have is Fila producing Limited Edition Terrindas on our behalf. We believe that in twenty years from now these may be the pieces you see going for astronomical prices on the auction sights of the day.
The green Terrinda was a 500 production and was the first time ever that this colour was produced by Fila for this style,  but the Diamond Point, made from the same Terrinda fabric numbered only 200 and will not be re-produced again. The £69.99 retail price is a give away considering the exclusivity of the piece. Next week will see a limited distribution of some Diamond Points to RAN, STUARTS, ORIGINALS, HIP, MANIFESTO, TERRACES and BLOC3.
Our website also has limited stock available.