Sunday 15 July 2012


We now have two new designs available on-line. The 'Jayne' T-Shirt was one of our favourites of the past year and we think can be worn by anyone aged from 16 up to 50, it just seems to be a classic Ad that translates well onto a T-Shirt. Now the new up-dated version 'The Girl across the Street' incorporates the Moses Smith Motown vinyl of the same name and again the finished design seems to work well especially on the Summer colours of Yellow and Bottle Green.
The second tee has our Banksyesque version of a Motorway sign specially commissioned for our friends in the Midlands.
Both T-Shirts are available now.
Most of our usual Stockists have taken delivery of 'The Girl across the Street' whilst  Distant Echo, Threads, Modern Life and Closer [Japan], will have 'Midlands' in stock now.