Monday 30 April 2012


The reversible 'Lira' Blouson is now going to be produced in just the one design with Navy or a Chambray detail. One side is a full zip Navy Blue with two U.S. Clip fastening pockets and a press stud breast pocket, while the reverse is a Chambray Blue colour with two buttoned pockets. Both sides will carry the leather badge.
This Blouson style of jacket dates back to 1937 when the Baracuta Company created what was to become known as the 'Harrington' Jacket. It wasn't until the Baracuta Blouson was worn by the character Rodney Harrington in the U.S. soap Peyton Place in the 60s that the blouson earned it's nickname.
Our 'Harrington' style 'Lira' is due by the end of May. RRP £99.00.

Friday 27 April 2012


Outside Anfield in the early 80s and the way going the match used to be. adidas trainers, adidas cagoules and the start of a culture that came to be known as 'Casuals'. The 70s fashion of flared jeans had all but disappeared [except for one guy with a Browns of Chester bag] to be replaced with narrow jeans [Inega or Lois]. The obvious necessity was a pair of adidas on the feet. Samba, Mamba, L.A. and what looks like a pair of adidas strap-overs. Also on show in the centre of the pic are a pair of Pod [Product of Desire] which had their time in the limelight for a few months. The ubiquitous adidas Cagoule or Jacket became the top seller in Topman in Liverpool city centre during the year.

Thursday 26 April 2012


Tomorrow we release a few new colours in the 'Against Modern Football' T-Shirts. The initial run had a fantastic response and seemed to resonate with many of our followers and those who see big business ruining our game. 
The latest colours include Red, Orange and Marl Grey.

Tuesday 24 April 2012


80s Casuals have teamed up with Liverpool Sound City to bring you a great competition. 
On offer we have two 3 day wristbands [worth £45 each] which will get you into every gig over the Festival period.
Plus a brand new as yet un-released Navy Escudo Jacket [RRP £95/£100] from our S/S'12 Grafters Collection.
The winner can select a size from Small [38" Chest] to X-L [44" Chest].
To enter just 'Like' the Sound City Poster over on our Facebook page
Entries close on 6 May. The winner will be notified on the 7 May.
Liverpool Sound City is a 3 Day music festival on 17-19 May in Liverpool 
or on Facebook at @liverpool Soundcity!
with hundreds of gigs across the city, plus music and media conferences, live arts, 
Kicking and Screening Football Film Festival and
the Umbro sponsored John Peel 5 a-side World Cup in which 80s Casuals lost in the Semi's last year to eventual
winners Deltasonic. 
Check there website for gig dates and times. Sound City gives you the chance to see up and coming bands in small
intimate performance spaces before they make it big. Previous guests include Cast, Miles Kane, Zutons, Mumford and Sons,
Laura Marling, Florence and the Machine, Calvin Harris, Tinchy Stryder and Paloma Faith.

Monday 23 April 2012


Today sees the last of our Euros T-Shirts released. Fittingly with it being St. Georges day, the 'Redemption' design includes the planting of the cross of St. George into the map of the host country, the Ukraine. The planting of the flag symbolizes the claiming of newly conquered territory, which we are hoping the England team can do.
The T-Shirt is available in Olive, Marl Grey and Navy.

Friday 20 April 2012


Here we have the second design in our 'Against Modern Football' range of T-Shirts.
The T-Shirt depicts a vintage stamp with the iconic Puma 'King' Football Boot and a 1970s orange Football or 'Casey' as they were known. Both were on every kids wish list for birthdays or Christmas, but in those days they would last until they were worn out. Not like todays big business, commercialized football world were fluorescent, iridescent, coloured football boots are released every other week.
The kids today get sucked in and want new boots before they have even grown out of the previous months latest release.
The stamp reminds us of some wonderful football stamps from around the World, that would be released whenever there was a World Cup or Olympics.
This new design will be available from early May.
The AMF T-Shirt has been re-printed and is due to be re-stocked in the coming week.


The Grafters 'Deutsche Mark' Polo is released online tonight. 
Details include the contrast buttons. Chambray inner placket, a cross strengthened seam split Tennis Tail, the Eighties pinch tag and our embroidered badge.
Colours include Empire Yellow, Sky Blue, White, Navy and Marl Grey. During the Summer months we hope to add Mint Green and an Aqua Blue as we expand the Collection. The RRP of £45 means these Polos are already a staple item in our own wardrobes and we shall keep adding colours throughout the year

Wednesday 18 April 2012


We have a series of T-Shirts in the pipeline based on one of the very first T-Shirts we produced in 2003. That design was a very simple 'The North' motorway road sign. These new designs are along similar lines with The North, Midlands and South being produced. The design now includes a Casual figure whose style is heavily influenced by Banksy's artwork. In fact, if Banksy was to de-face a 'North' motorway road sign, this could well be how he would do it.
The first design 'Northern Junction' will be in store by mid May with the 'Midlands' and 'The South' to follow later on that month. 

Monday 16 April 2012


As you may or may not know, our 'Krone' Cagoule stores away into it's own pouch. This can be somewhat difficult to work out, so taking inspiration from an 80s staple [Lacoste], we have, with the help of Freakbeat Films put together a short video showing the easiest way to store the Cagoule. Don't forget the travel iron though.
The 'Krone' is now available from Ran, Terraces and the usual Stockists.

Sunday 15 April 2012


The Russia 'For Club and Country' T-Shirt has been parceled up and should be winging its way to Moscow by now. The design should be with by the weekend. It is exclusive to Turbocolor and the colours ordered include White, Marl Grey, Sky Blue and Navy.  

Friday 13 April 2012


All four colours of the 'Krone' Cagoule are now on our website.
The Cagoule is the first jacket as part of the S/S'12 Grafters Collection which takes it's inspiration from the European trips in the early 80s. A new world of colour opened up to the Casual. Grafters who had first travelled to the Continent to support their team then returned abroad to bring back an array of designer goods unavailable in the U.K.
The Continental colours and styles are now here to stay and here we have our own interpretation of the essential Summer Jacket. 

Thursday 12 April 2012


A big Thanks to Rod Glacial who wrote the Casuals article for Spray Magazine in France. He sent over a couple for us to peruse and it is a great publication, if only we could speak French. The Magazine covers mainly Fashion plus a selection of the Arts. Cost is €4.50.
There's some excellent photography but for us the article has some great imagery of Casuals from the 80s. Once Rod gives us the O.K. we will put up the article with the images, but for now the images above show Liverpool fans in Paris '81 and West Ham fans outside Anfield in the early 80s.

Wednesday 11 April 2012


A major piece from our Grafters Collection is the 'Peseta' Sun Hat. In these times of austerity with everyone watching what they spend their pennies and euros on, the best deals are usually never found at full price. 80s Casuals have been through these recessions before and so we look to give the customer value for money.
The 'Peseta' Sun Hat is therefore reversible, giving two hats for the price of one. Detailing on both sides differs with the badge and hat colour. Navy with reversible Chambray and Sand with reversible Check.
All stores have now taken delivery. RRP £30 They include Ran, Hip, An-X, Terraces, Evolution, Henry Brummel, Distant Echo, 80s CasualClassics, Camisera and Casual Clobber.
Our own store has them available now

Monday 9 April 2012


This months Italian Football/Style Magazine 'StyleWars' has an interview with our own half Italian Jay Montessori. The lads behind the mag are based at Dressers in Roma Italy and this is the 21st monthly issue which is printed in Italian. They have kindly sent us a link to the English translation of all interviews over the last two years. You can download the file here; 
There has always been a common bond between the English and Italian supporter with regards to Fashion and Football and that passion never seems to fade no matter what age.
Over the years 80s Casuals has befriended some of the leading protagonists of the culture in Italy. Having met Mentalita Ultras in 2005 we went on to collaborate on a few T-Shirts with the brand.  We have also met up for a few drinks with Terraces from Milan and the Italian Supertifo fanzine published an ad for the 80s Casuals book in 2009.

Sunday 8 April 2012


Here we have the four colourways of the 'Krone' Cagoule in the flesh, so to speak. Navy/Empire Yellow, Navy/Beaujolais Burgundy, Marina Blue/Cream and Cream/Navy. 
They will be on our website from this coming Friday.
Stockists should expect delivery before the Weekend. The only Stores to order all four colours were Terraces, Hip and Homme while the remainder Ran, Distant Echo, Casual Clobber, SW1, An-X and 80s CasualClassics have ordered at least one design.
The in Greece and in Russia will take delivery in the coming few weeks.


We have a few more 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts released this week.
Our website has Everton and Plymouth Argyle. Ran in Liverpool have also taken the Everton design, plus SW1 in Plymouth have the Argyle one arriving this week.
In the Midlands Henry Brummel have exclusively ordered Baggies [West Brom] and Wolves. They should take delivery before the weekend.

Saturday 7 April 2012


The Grafters Collection is arriving daily. The full colour run of the 'Krone' Cagoule has now arrived and will be distributed in the coming week. We have 4 different contrast colourways including the Burgundy/Navy as seen in the pics.
The 'Krone' should be a Summer essential whether it's for a Festival, Ibiza or the Euros. The weather can be so unpredictable as we have seen lately, so be prepared for a spot of rain or a chilly night. The 'Krone' Cagoule is light-weight, easily packable and stores into it's own pouch which is accessed via the back hidden zip. It has two front bellow pockets and is button fastening. There is also a peaked hood.
RRP is £80 and Stockists include Ran, Terraces, Distant Echo, SW1, Casual Clobber, An-X, Hip, 80s CasualClassics and Homme.

Thursday 5 April 2012


It appears that the 'Against Modern Football' slogan resonates with a lot of fans. The A.M.F. design is going to be re-printed after a day of heavy sales. We are re-doing the Orange outline as well as a new Royal Blue one this time along with a few extra colours in the T-Shirt. Stock should be available in two weeks. In the meantime our Stockists including Ran, Trend, Distant Echo, 80s CasualClassics and An-X have supplies from today.
The slogan has been around for a while now and small campaigns have been building across Europe in places such as Sweden, Italy and Germany. We believe the average supporter needs more of a say in Football related matters.  Commercialism has taken over the beautiful game, but its not just the commercialism, it's things like Tradition. For instance, goal-line technology. Will the Fans be asked if they want it or will we just be told? It's the changing of a Stadiums name, Foreign owners bleeding clubs dry, soulless stadiums, the F.A. Cup Final being on the same day as League games, the European Cup Final moving to a Saturday, iridescent purple football boots, yellow footballs,  the list is endless.
Don't just accept the killing of our game, make your voice heard if you have the opportunity.

Wednesday 4 April 2012


We have recently supplied a couple of pics for a French Magazine article. Spray Magazine has a 10 page spread on the 80s Casual movement but sadly it is in French, but there are some very stylish photos. 
The journalist behind the article is Rod Glacial and he has interviewed Phil Thornton and Cass Pennant for his own blog site which can be viewed here in English and French; 
Spray has a free download app available from iTunes for the iPad; 
The above pic shows Liverpool fans in the Pigalle, Paris on the day after the 1981 European cup triumph.  Whilst drinking in a bar, the Real Madrid team appeared on a stroll through the red light area. Laurie Cunningham and Juanito were both happy to have their photo took. Both stars were to die sadly in separate car crashes whilst still in their 30s.

Tuesday 3 April 2012


Issue 1 of Northern Aficionado launched this week. Our own Jay Montessori has an interview, plus the mag also has other interviews and fashion related articles. More information is available from their blog site 
Stockists include Distant Echo

Monday 2 April 2012


Come hail, rain or shine, there is one thing us Brits need and it is some decent headwear. This week we bring you the first piece from the S/S'12 Grafters Collection. The Continental Cap harks back to the 80s when a traditional Baseball cap was a part of the ensemble packed into the Head Bag for the next trip abroad. 
The Cap is available in Navy or Beige with a contrast colour sandwich peak. The small 80s leather badge is positioned to the side on the front panel with the pinch tag style lettering printed on the opposite side panel.
The strap has a tri-glide metal buckle and the strap can be hidden from view.
The 'Continental' Cap is on-line now 
Stockists taking delivery in the next week include; Evolution, Terraces, Hip, SW1, 80s CasualClassics, An-X, Casual Clobber, Camisera, Distant Echo, Trend, Modern Life plus our Stockists in Poland and Hungary.