Monday 31 October 2011


The guys involved in the Dressers book have been in touch to keep us up to date on its launch. The publishers deadline is this week and then once it has been proof read its off to the printers. Therefore they are looking at an early December release with a launch night to coincide. 
With over 200 pages and 500 full colour pics this is definately worth the £20 price tag. It is still possible to order one of the initial 500 numbered copies here;

Sunday 30 October 2011


The initial three colours of the 'Capri' Scarf are sold out at the moment but we are hoping to get a re-stock in the next few weeks. The scarf has become an essential accessory over the last couple of years and the 'Capri' is a fantastic option at a very competitive price. we have two new colours available which are now up on the website.

Wednesday 26 October 2011


It was about 5 years ago that we approached Peter Hooton for an interview about The End Fanzine from the 80s. We reproduced that interview on this blog a couple of months ago but it was at that Q and A with Peter that we suggested the publishing of The End as a complete book. During the next few years a publisher was secured, who due to circumstance, namely a recession, had to drop the idea. That wasn't the end [sic] though as we [80s Casuals] looked at publishing it ourselves in a similar vein to our own book 
We received a print quotation but at the time our resources were needed for the A/W '11 Collection. Step Forward, James Brown at Sabotage Times, an avid supporter of The End during his days at the helm of Loaded magazine. James secured some funding from adidas and the result should be completed next week and ready to post. If you have not already ordered a copy, follow the link for Sabotage Times website were you'll also see an article from Peter Hooton which appears in the book. 
Above we also have an exclusive from 'The End' book. adidas have a couple of adverts in the publication and this one highlights the travel essentials needed.

Tuesday 25 October 2011


The final piece in the A/W'11 jigsaw should be arriving next week and will be distributed asap. The 'Off-Peak' Collection comes to its final conclusion with the 'Summit' Smock. This Winter Collection has been our finest yet with every bit of attention to detail being considered. The Smock is available in two colours, Navy and Khaki with sizes ranging from Small to XXXL. The 'Summit' carries our latest 'Unknown Pulse' neck label. Next year sees us also introduce a new neck label into the T-Shirts. Details to follow in the new year.

Monday 24 October 2011


A nice little mention for our 'Capri' scarf was noticed today on The Reference Council blog site.
It's a site we'd like to promote to your good selves anyway as it is in our bookmarks and is constantly up-dated with the latest Style, Music and Design. Check back onto their site in the next few days to see the  '5 minutes alone with....' one of us.


Manchester Fashion Network, which is a business networking service based in London as well as Manchester, are having an interesting informal discussion on Tuesday 8 November 7.00 - 8.30, at NoHo Stevenson Square Manchester.
The event is titled 'The Story of Sport and Fashion' and looks at how sport has influenced fashion and vice versa, with a range of topics including 'Where it began?' 'The Story of Terrace Culture' and 'The Future of Sportswear'. There will be an opportunity for some audience participation with a Q & A after the panel discussion.
Our very own Jay Montessori joins a discussion panel including 'Casuals' author Phil Thornton and Umbro Director of Global Apparel Rob Warner.
More details from the Manchester Fashion site here;

Sunday 23 October 2011


We've had quite a few emails this week asking about where it is possible to purchase the Stone Roses inspired 'Reni' Bucket Hat. Obviously there's been a huge amount of interest following the group reforming for a tour next Summer which includes three massive shows at Heaton Park Manchester. The Bucket Hat will be a necessity at these outdoor gigs or other festivals during the Summer months with its protection from the searing heat or even any downpours.
We've actually got hold of a few pieces now, which we have put up on our ebay site to keep separate from the latest Winter 'Off-Peak' Collection on the home site.
The hat is available in Brown or Black in sizes Medium and Large and comes with an 80s Casuals badge.
Some more news regarding Bucket Hats is we now have a new reversible one which will form part of the Spring/Summer 2012 'Grafters Collection'. Keep checking back for more details in the coming months for pics of the first sample.

Saturday 22 October 2011


Tomorrow evening sees the launch of the 'Off-Peak' Capri Scarf. Available in a choice of three plaid checks, the scarf is made from 100% merino wool and measures 70" in length. Made in Hawick Scotland, home of the best woolen mills in the U.K. by the same manufacturers of Pringle and Lyle and Scott garments, the Capri adds a touch of colour to what is usually a Winter of dark coloured coats and outerwear.
RRP £29.95 and it is a website exclusive.

Thursday 20 October 2011


It's been a while since we have seen such an advert as this from adidas. Yes, 'Made in Germany' it proclaims. It was during the mid 80s that adidas de-camped production from European countries such as West Germany, France and Yugoslavia to start afresh in the cheaper manufacturing places of China and the Far East. So now it is those made in Europe trainers that are held in such high esteem, with ebay prices reflecting the kudos in which owning a pair is held.
The Munchen are very limited and only available from selected stockists in February 2012. The price you pay for owning such a prestigious pair? around £225. but remember for that there will be no need to jump the train to Germany for such exclusivity.
The advert comes from the new book 'The End' which should be available in the next two weeks.


The nostalgia of the 80s for us encompasses a range of genres from football on the terraces to the music and culture of the weekend. That weekend would no doubt involve for many the taking of 'Ecstasy' which up until 1985 wasn't even a controlled substance. It became the must have drug of the late 80s and was actually blamed for a decline in football hooliganism at the time. This 'Acid House' period had a massive surge in popularity across the country and before long this hedonistic scene involved the organisation of Warehouse Rave parties at secret locations after clubs closed due to a 2.00 a.m. licence.
This month sees the release of Irvine Welsh's 'Ecstasy' film and to coincide with this we have a T-Shirt depicting some of the more infamous pills available at the time.
The 'Ecstasy' T-Shirt will be available in a range of colours in the next few weeks.

Wednesday 19 October 2011


It's been a busy week with deliveries of our 'Chamonix' Shirt, 'Cortina' Polo and 'Monte' Ski Hat all arriving and then being distributed to stores. Now the second colour of the 'Monte' Ski Hat is on hand and should be up on the site in the next 48 hours. This French Blue and Cyber Yellow version has already been posted to the Stockists and should be in-store by the weekend.
Stockists include Ran, Stern, 80sCasualClassics, Originals Footwear, Hip, Casual Clobber and two Russian stores.

Friday 14 October 2011


The Navy 'Chamonix' Shirt is now on-line to purchase.  Stores should be receiving their stock during the course of next week.
Also available from tomorrow are the 'Arosa' Deerstalker, a website exclusive and the Navy 'Monte' Ski Hat with the French Blue to follow soon. 
Finally we have three colours of the 'Cortina' Long Sleeve Polo which leaves just the  'Capri' Scarf and the 'Summit' Smock, which is undergoing a few minor alterations, to be delivered. 
This small capsule 'Off-Peak' Collection gives us what we consider to be the foundations of a decent Winter wardrobe for 2011. Garments that should not look out of place on the terraces for the next few years at least.

Thursday 13 October 2011


Admiral, a name that conjures up a 70s period when it was possible to name the first eleven players of every team in the 1st Division [now the Premiership, for those of a younger age]. It was also a period when the Leeds side of the 1973/74 season became the first English top flight club to wear a visibly branded kit. That kit was made by Admiral, as was the 1974 England kit which became the first commercially available England kit to buy.  
So why the history lesson? Well up until January 2011 the Admiral brand was Swiss owned. Now back in the hands of British ownership, the company plans to re-ignite the name with a Retro Collection for Spring 2012, just in time for England's appearance in the European Championships. England Track Tops from 1974, T-Shirts inspired by the 1982 England team featuring the likes of Keegan, Shilton and Robson, plus Bucket Hats and Messenger Bags all form a small Collection as it taps into the trend for Heritage Sportswear. 
For more details contact;

Wednesday 12 October 2011


The white 'Chamonix' Shirt is now in store on the website Available in all sizes from Small to XXXL, the price is £64.95.
The Blue Shirt should be online at the weekend.
Stores around the country will take delivery early next week. These include Terraces, DNA, Camisera, Hip, Henry Brummel and Casual Clobber.
A surprising aspect of the 80s Casual culture was the collecting of swing tickets attached to expensive garments secured with the proceeds sometimes of a weeks wages. The tags became a part of the history of a piece of clothing, stirring memories of shops and trips abroad long after the garment was passed down to a younger brother or dropped off at a charity shop by the parents. With this in mind we have produced a nice range of swing tickets to coincide with the release of the 'Off-Peak' Collection. Using vintage Ski Posters from the early 1900s the swing tickets are different for each item of clothing and is limited to approx 150 pieces. 


Our collaboration with Heritage Research is beginning to take shape with an initial design now in place.
The Rainshell Jacket is being produced in two colours, Yellow and Navy Blue with a contrasting interior. The preliminary design will have some alterations and adjustments once a sample has been produced so keep checking back for the latest up-dates. 
As previously stated, this jacket will be very limited in production and will only be available from our website. 

Tuesday 11 October 2011


The 80s Casuals 'Cortina' Polo's have started to arrive and will be ready for distribution at the beginning of next week. This Long Sleeve garment is our second Winter Polo and after the success of last years 'Deck' Pique Polo, we have added a few more distinguishing details to what was already a quality piece of 'all year round' attire.
The 'Cortina' has a three button placket with a Chambray inner, the buttons are in the 80s Casuals Corporate colours with the new embroidered badge on the left breast. The top also has a 'Tennis Tail' which was a traditional touch on most of our 80s Polo purchases. 
Colours available are Black, Marl Grey and Allure Blue.
Sizes from Small [38" chest] to XXXL.
RRP is £45/£50, retaining the same price as last year.
Stores taking stock include Ran, Camisera, Stern, Terraces, Distant Echo, 80s Casualclassics and Originals Footwear.

Sunday 9 October 2011


Here we have a couple of promos from the documentary 'Casuals' which is available from 14 November. Cass Pennant is the guy behind the project, interviewing the protagonists from the very start of the culture. 
The film can be pre-ordered now via the link here

Saturday 8 October 2011


The final proof of our 'Northern Exposure' T-Shirt has arrived with the chosen font and tag-line added.
The design is one of three new ones for October and printing will commence in approximately two weeks. 
The top pic is a typical sunny day with clear skies in the North with a power station churning out its daily emissions of nitrogen oxides as it generates electricity for the local area.

Thursday 6 October 2011


This Monday saw us attend a Q&A with Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder to promote his autobiography 'Twisting my Melon'. After an hour or so of highly entertaining tales and anecdotes from his 30 year career, Shaun was only too pleased to chat with fans and sign his book plus any other Mondays related paraphernalia. It was at this point that we passed Shaun one of our Mondays 'Cube' T-Shirts for himself and he was to sign another for ourselves with the the words 'That's Brilliant!!' which was a great endorsement from someone who with working with Factory has come across some iconic design from the likes of Peter Saville [Joy Division, New Order] and Central Station Design who produced the Mondays covers and many posters.
The T-Shirt is available here and at these stores Ran, Stone, Manifesto, Hip, Northern Rags, 80s Casualclassics and Distant Echo.
You can catch Shaun Ryder on tour throughout November and December.

Tuesday 4 October 2011


We are at present sorting the new T-Shirt designs for October. The first titled 'Northern Exposure' is close to completion but still needs the wording added and a slight alteration here and there but hopefully you can grasp the idea.
These latest designs will be forwarded to stores towards the end of October. The finished design will be here soon.

Saturday 1 October 2011


Here we have a selection of images highlighting the finer details accompanying the 'Chamonix' Shirt. Rather than over complicate the design, the approach was to produce a timeless piece that can be taken out of the wardrobe year in, year out, without the thought of it becoming unfashionable. Therefore our internal demand was to make something that is better than our previously produced shirt without compromising on price. This process of three samples involved numerous changes to details such as the metal logo badge, the button holes and the elbow patch. Finally once our dedication to this process was complete it was time to produce the final piece. It is something we will continue to do in the long term, whether we are producing another Shirt or a Jacket or Polo, as we are driven by the aesthetics of yesteryear when we ourselves wanted the finest attire with quality detailing.
Details on the 'Chamonix' includes Chambray inner collar and cuffs, contrast buttons and double stitched button holes for extra strength plus a robust 2-ply elbow patch.