Tuesday 31 January 2012


This week we have taken stock of the Hillary crew neck Sweatshirt. Re-Issued in Grey and Navy, the Hillary is screen-printed on a Dry-Blend Sweatshirt which wicks moisture away from the body. The yarn is also Air-Jet spun for a softer feel and has anti-pilling properties.
Available now from Medium to XXL.

Monday 30 January 2012


We have many Republic of Ireland supporters contacting us with regards to a Euro 2012 T-Shirt. Therefore not wishing to disappoint followers of the brand we have come up with our 'Fighting Irish' design. The team never seems to go down without a fight, especially in Championships, therefore the design is of the famous Notre Dame Leprechaun finely attired in the Republic of Ireland kit and a pair of New Balance trainers. The Leprechaun figure supposedly brings magical powers and good luck, something probably needed in a group that includes Italy and Spain.
The T-Shirt is due for a February release.

Saturday 28 January 2012


Over the last couple of years we have gained a bit of a cult following in Japan. The Casual culture and it's Style has been adopted and adapted by a small following from Tokyo to Sendai. Japanese 'Casuals' are seen as a celebratory identity rather than anything to do with the Football association witnessed here. They want a more active, self aware look away from the mainstream culture of the Country.
Recently we were approached to do an interview for a independent Japanese magazine. 'Pounds' is a large broadsheet of 8 pages and issue 4 is totally devoted to 'Casuals'. From what we can make out by the English headings, the content consists of music,  a descriptive article on the Fila Terrinda, Edwin and the crumbling soles of vintage Trainers, plus our own interview from Jay Montessori.
I'm sure copies are available via the website should any of our Japanese followers wish to purchase a copy.

Thursday 26 January 2012


It's been a busy week with the 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts being distributed to Stores and our own supplies being placed on-line.
Belushi and Henry Brummel now have stock of Birmingham, while Stuarts [Q.P.R.] and Hip [Leeds] should have T-Shirts in-store tomorrow. Terraces have their supply of Stoke in a range of colours including White and Red and are also ordering some Crewe and Port Vale in the next couple of weeks.
On-line now, we have added Southampton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Hull City with to follow on Friday, Sheffield Weds and Leeds.
 Orders have been taken for Tottenham, West Ham, Tranmere, Hereford and Chester, all of which will be at our Stockists or on-line in the next two weeks.

Tuesday 24 January 2012


We are at present up-dating a few aspects of the 80s Casuals site. The Nostalgia page has been given a freshen up with more 70s and 80s adverts to be added in the next few weeks. You will also notice original  80s pics included as we now have a large portfolio of photos which we feel should be shared with those yearning for the era.
Should you have any exclusive photos not yet seen on-line which you would like to share, feel free to send them to;
and we shall endeavour to give them a rightful place amongst our collection.

Saturday 21 January 2012


The 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts are beginning to be distributed to Stores. Oxford United should be in  Harpers, Witney on Monday while the Birmingham City design has been posted today and will arrive at Belushi, Solihull and Henry Brummel, Droitwich on Monday/Tuesday.
Belushi have also taken stock of the England T-Shirt in White, Navy and Royal Blue.
More designs to follow during the week. Keep up-dated here and on our Facebook page;

Friday 20 January 2012


This year is the 30th Anniversary of Stone Island. Owner Carlo Rivetti has made this short promo to unveil plans for this celebratory year, which include a re-release of one of the very first Stone Island Jackets the 'Tela-Stella', plus an anniversary Jacket the '30/30'. Plans are also in place for a commemorative book containing 300 photos and an exhibition in Florence.

Thursday 19 January 2012


The first two 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts will launch on our website this weekend. 
The Newcastle and Burnley T-Shirts are both 80s Casuals website exclusives and are limited to 40 per team. They will each be available from 6.00pm on Saturday evening.

Tuesday 17 January 2012


The next month or so will see a selection of Autumn/Winter 2012 samples arriving for our approval. This will give us at least 8 months to make any adjustments and perfect all of the finer details.
The first arrival is the Beanie. We all know that body heat escapes through the top of the head, so a Beanie is our first priority. These will enable your body heat to remain stable but it will also maintain blood pressure [which rises in the cold].
This lightweight hat is a 100% lambswool ribbed knit with a large cuff consisting of the large 'Eighties' insignia leather patch to the front and our new 'Eighties' Pinch Tag to the rear.
As yet we remain undecided on colours but we have a choice from; Partridge Dark Brown, Extra Dark Navy, Charcoal Dark Grey, Beige and Khaki Green.


Here's the first view of our latest Swing Tickets. Picked up from the Printers today, the tickets have a fantastic Pete McKee Painting of seven lads in Germany in the early 80s sourcing the latest adidas trainers unavailable in the U.K. Each one dressed in the latest narrow Jeans, burgundy Cords, Pringle and adidas Jumpers, adidas Comfort Strap-overs and Trimm-Trab.
The Swing Tickets make their debut on the latest 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts.
A big Thanks to Pete for the use of the Painting. Maybe we'll see an Open Edition Print in the future.

Sunday 15 January 2012


February will see the first garment arrive from our S/S12 'Grafters' Collection in the shape of the eagerly anticipated 'Krone' Cagoule, which will be available in a range of Four colourways. Stockists will be listed closer to it's launch.
 Prior to that, the next few weeks will signal the launch of our highly exclusive 'Club & Country' tee's, featuring the infamous Mille Miglia coat, Burberry scarf and St Georges flag. We are trying to cover as many English teams as possible in time for the Summers European Championships frenzy, so don't panic if you don't see yours in the initial batch! As there are only 40 tee's per team being produced (in some cases even less), we will announce with fair warning the launch dates and times for all individual teams via our blog, facebook page and twitter. 

Also later this month, we will re-visit one of our very early Russian inspired designs in the form of the 'Comrade' Sweatshirt. The first design took inspiration from the 1980s Maccano label and we have worked on that to produce an up-dated design. 
Before that we introduce a re-stock of the quick selling 'Hillary' Sweatshirt in some old and new colours. The Sweatshirt should arrive in the coming week just as a cold spell sweeps the country for the first time this Winter.
All release dates and Stockists will be posted up here as soon as we take delivery.


Our favourite chef Simon Rimmer was finely attired again this morning in one of our Long Sleeve 'Cortina' Polos. The 'Something for the Weekend' star has been a long time admirer of 80s Casuals having sported the 'Patagonia' Shirt and our 'Deck' Polo in the past.
The 'Cortina' has been Sold Out for a while now on our site but Terraces and Distant Echo have a limited supply.

Friday 13 January 2012


We have a couple of re-prints which have not been printed for a while. The 'More Then a Game' design has only had the one print run a few months ago and is sold out on our site. This has been ordered in Royal Blue, Navy and Sky Blue.
The 'Mille Hood - Turn Back Now' hasn't been done since the last World Cup and with requests from a few Stores we thought it was time for a re-run. Colours include Navy, White, Charcoal and Khaki.
We will not be re-stocking them on our own site just yet but supplies will be available from Henry Brummel, 80s CasualClassics, Terraces, Distant Echo, Gregorys, Hip and Ran in the next week.

Wednesday 11 January 2012


Ran in Liverpool will receive their re-print of the Everton legend Alan Ball this week. This T-Shirt sees the introduction of our new neck labels with a more subtle branding. This new label will be used in all T-Shirts forthwith. The Navy/White/Red Roundel Target depicts the Brit Fit while the Green/White/Red Target signifies an Italian Fit.
Ran have ordered the Navy colour in Brit Fit while our website still has some Italian Fit Royal Blue available.

Saturday 7 January 2012


Those who frequently check this blog will know that Pete McKee has been one of our favourite artists since we first caught site of his 'Casuals' painting in about 2005. 
His work focusses on a Working Class Life that resonates with us all and inspiration comes in the form of 60s, 70s and 80s Youth Culture as well as the characters of his childhood. Collectors of Pete's work include Noel Gallagher, Damien Hirst, Paul Smith and The Arctic Monkeys.
Since those early days of his career Pete has gone on to have numerous exhibitions and has worked with many luminaries. He has designed a Desert Boot for Clarks, Bags and T-Shirts for Paul Smith in Japan and  Tour Posters for Oasis to name a few.
His latest venture is the opening of a Gallery 'A Month of Sundays' in his home Town of Sheffield.
As part of 80s Casuals plans for 2012 we are delighted to have permission to use one of Pete's 80s inspired paintings. It will be incorporated into our latest Swing Tickets which we will use over the next few months. The painting depicts a group of lads on their first venture onto the Continent in search of the latest sportswear unavailable in the U.K.
The Swing Tickets form part of our 'Grafters Collection' for this Spring as we build up to this Summers European Championships.
Check the Pete McKee site for Limited and Open Edition Prints as well as other items including T-Shirts, IPhone Cases and Keyrings.

Thursday 5 January 2012


We have three more teams added to the list of forthcoming 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts.
The Q.P.R. and the England design will be available from Stuarts, Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush. We are also speaking to a couple of stockists with regards to Swindon Town and Cheltenham Town.
Each design is limited to 40 per store.

Tuesday 3 January 2012


We begin the build up to the 2012 Euros with the patriotic 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts.
Available from mid January, they will be limited to 40 per Store and are available from the following Stockists;
Evolution - www.80scasuals.co.uk 
BIRMINGHAM CITY; Belushi - Henry Brummel
STOKE CITY - Terraces
OXFORD UTD - Harpers
The ENGLAND design is available exclusively from Ran, Belushi, Gregorys, Indi Menswear, Distant Echo, Terraces, Henry Brummel, 

Monday 2 January 2012


This year will see us introduce some subtle details to our garments. The commitment to craftsmanship and quality as always is the priority and we think the introduction of a branded pinch tag is the ultimate visual metaphor. It's our guarantee of quality and may replace the leather or embroidered badge on some of our Winter 2012 garments. 
The first appearance will be on the 'Peseta Sun Hat' this Spring.
We are also working on a plain coloured Pocket T-Shirt for this Summer. In these Technological times we feel a Pocket has become the most invaluable accessory on most garments as a safe storage place for the mobile phone. We are awaiting a sample and then we can sort colours and a price.
The Pocket will carry the small metal 80s badge in the corner with the newly introduced Eighties Pinch Tag on the left seam.

Sunday 1 January 2012


May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. A big Thanks to all who have supported us from around the globe, not only through the last year but also previous years and Best Wishes to you all for the forthcoming year.
 You may notice a slight change in the appearance of our neck labels for 2012. Keeping it simple, we will be using the slimmed down and the more often used title of 'Eighties' on the label. All apparel and T-Shirts will have the new design.
The new labels make their first appearance in the next month as we start the build up to the 2012 Euros with our 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts. Available in mid January, the response has been astounding as numerous shops have ordered an Exclusive Limited amount with club names for the T-Shirt. Examples being, Birmingham, Sheff United, Sheff Weds, Oxford, Leeds, Stoke, Hull, Burnley, Southampton, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Swindon and of course England.