Monday 31 May 2010


It was good to see our rave scene inspired "Thrills 'n' Pills" T-shirt was the number one best seller last month [April] in Stuarts of London beating labels such as 
Pretty Green and Fred Perry to the top spot.
The T-Shirts title was inspired by The Happy Mondays consumate album "Thrills 'n' Pills and Bellyaches" from 1990 which entered the charts at number 1 at a time when the country had immersed itself into the drug culture.
 There's been a late 80s revival cropping up of late with rave club nights being promoted around the country and even an illegal rave being held in Pembrokeshire this weekend 
with 2500 turning up. 
Our "Warehouse" T-Shirt is the third in our rave inspired collection and will be available at in the next few days while the "Gary Ablett Tour" T-Shirt is available in the deadstock part of the site at a reduced price while stocks last.

Sunday 30 May 2010


In recent weeks we were asked to appear on the BBC news programme NORTHWEST TONIGHT. Seeing as we had a book to promote and sell it appeared to be an offer we couldn't refuse. We had reservations when a woman turned up with no assistants and a camera in hand. She set the camera up and proceeded to ask a few questions which appeared to give an indication that the whole Casual culture had passed her by. The final edit appeared a week later and in all honesty has been put together quite well. Another plus factor is we now have limited availability on the book and we shall not be doing a re-print for the foreseeable future due to time restraints and having to concentrate on our main objective which is the clothing side of the business.

Friday 28 May 2010


Antony Gormley is a sculptural modern artist who specialises in large scale installations. Using his own body as a subject, his work called "Another Place" resides on Crosby Beach, Liverpool where 100 cast iron figures face out to sea over a two mile stretch.
We recently paid the sculpture a visit in preparation for a short video experimentation project we shall be embarking upon. We are teaming up with a young graduate of Film and Media to produce a very short film as a way of bringing a visual aspect to our brand for this youtube generation. The latest technological advances make it possible to use a film/mini movie across all media including websites, networking sites and mobile phones etc. Fashion films have started cropping up on blogs and brand websites as a way of bringing to life advertising campaigns. Coming soon.


100 CLUB - 18 JUNE 2010

Everything's now falling into place. The artists playing on the night are going to join forces for a supergroup style encore with Steve White on drums joining McNabb, Diggle and John from Western Promise. Expect to hear a couple of Buzzcocks and Icicle Works numbers plus a Clash track or two.
Our 80s Casuals book will be on sale and its been decided that the first 50 people who purchase the said book [£20] shall receive a free Limited Edition "Grim Up North" T-Shirt. 
Collaborating with Stuarts of London we have produced only 50 of the design in new colours incorporating the figure in a C.P. Company Metropolis Jacket and adidas trainers.
The back of the T-Shirt at the neck will have our own logo plus Stuarts and Limited Edition.
The dress code for the 100 club is; THERE IS NO DRESS CODE.
So Casual it is then.

Thursday 27 May 2010


The lads over at BRIGHT MAGAZINE in Holland have kindly translated Paul Dezentje's Massimo Osti article for us from their recent issue of which we had donated an ARENA article from our magazine archives. Click on the pages to enlarge.


Stores will be taking delivery of our 'Warehouse' T-Shirt tomorrow. Taking us back to the first  Summer of Love in 1987 with the lyrics to "My House" by Chuck Roberts, the T-Shirt will be available from our website plus just these few select stores: TERRACES, THE BUSINESS, TRANSALPINO, RAN, JAZZ, MAINLINE, HOODS and NAUTICA.


Well we're just over two weeks away from the biggest International football tournament in the world. England kick off the World Cup on 12 June against the U.S.A. and we will have our CAPELLO/ENGLAND World Cup T-Shirt in stores just in time. The front has Capello encapsulated in our Panini style design, the back will have the coat of arms symbol for England the 'Three Lions'. The saying 'Cometh the hour' printed beneath Capello echoes our feelings for the manager to deliver the trophy back home.

Friday 21 May 2010


5 Years ago this week was probably one of the greatest Finals in the history of the European Cup/Champions League. 3-0 down at half time to A.C. Milan, Liverpool were dead and buried. Consolidation was the operative word. Anyway the story has been told a thousand times and the outcome as we all know meant Liverpool taking the European Cup home for keeps having won it on 5 occasions. The game left an indelible mark on many and I don't necessarily mean the tattoo of a Liver Bird on every Liverpool supporters chest. The emotions that poured out that night gave inspiration to many. Numerous books followed, a mini film "15 minutes that shook the World"  and at least two plays that we know of 
"Beating Berlusconi" and "One Night in Istanbul". 
The Nicky Allt play "One Night in Istanbul" debuted last year at the Empire in Liverpool and this year has a two week stint before moving on to Dublin. 
80s Casuals are proud to have been asked to supply our unique 5 ticket T-Shirt as merchandise for the Play. Depicting the 5 tickets issued for the 5 winning finals, the T-Shirt was first available two days after that eventful day. The play itself actually has one of the actors in a 4 ticket T-Shirt designed prior to the Final.


All Stockists will be taking delivery of our latest designs in the coming week. Our Panini World Cup T-Shirt, Warehouse plus the North and South Skull designs are ready to distribute. We have also done a re-print of a few favourites from recent months including Our Proving Ground, The Bobby Moore England, plus Thrills and Pills.
New Stockists added to the list include Scenario of Derby with Mainline Menswear from Scarborough and Nautica Menswear of Bathgate coming back on board after a lengthly absence.

Sunday 16 May 2010


Here we have a couple of pages from a Robert Elms article in the Arena magazine
 during the Summer of 1990. 
Interestingly the Polo is rated out of 10 for quality and it seems that 20 years later 
not much has changed. A recent thread on the 80s Casuals forum highlighted the two Polos of consistent high quality as being Ralph Lauren and  Lacoste. Both received 10/10 in the Arena ratings.
As Elms states the Polo shirt is a ubiquitous classic and an everyday staple in the casual wardrobe, but as seems apparent not just any make will do.

Tuesday 11 May 2010


80s Casuals/Mentalita Ultras Collaboration.

Supertifo Fanzine

Over the last 5 years we have become friends with Mentalita Ultras in Italy, collaborating on a couple of trainer T-Shirts including an Italia in 2006 when Italy won the World Cup. They have a passion for the game and fan culture similar to our own.
 This week they sent us the latest SUPERTIFO fanzine which was a 25th year anniversary edition and is published in the same style as the very first one back in 1985. What the magazine has done well over the years is to photograph and document Italian Ultras on the terraces or Curvas as they are known. The Italians have never been afraid of expression and there are numerous pages of flags and banners at games throughout the country. 
The fanzine has a circulation of close on 30000 and our good friends at Mentalita sorted an advert for our 80s Casuals book alongside one for their own clothing brand.  This in effect has lead to an approach from Boogaloo Publishers in Italy with regards to translating and publishing the 80s Casuals book into Italian. We'll let you know what transpires in the following weeks.

Monday 10 May 2010


The World Cup is almost upon us again and as every kid will tell you, Panini bring out their World Cup Sticker Album. Since 1970 the company has issued stickers for each Competition and in homage to a juvenile cultural phenomenon 80s Casuals brings you its
Showcasing the Casual attire of each World Cup from Argentina 1978 through to Italia 1990, the pics are incorporated into a Panini style sticker.
The saying "your country needs you!" comes from a 1914 recruitment poster from the 
1st World War and appears appropriate to every World Cup since 1970.
Stockists shall be taking delivery in the following two weeks.


Sunday 9 May 2010


The Nautical theme continues for Autumn/Winter 2010 with the 80s Casuals Long Sleeved
 "Deck" Polo. The unpredictability of our fine British weather usually leaves us with the only option of layering. The "Deck" Polo becomes an essential piece on its own for cool Autumn nights or alternatively as a layer under the forthcoming inner lined "Seamaster" Jacket.  
The polo is made from knitted pique cotton and has the regulatory two button placket. Autumnal muted marl grey plus an ever present Winter black will be released as Limited pieces of only 100 per colour. Details of stockists to follow. Delivery is expected during August with an RRP of £45.


Our new Warehouse T-Shirt is due for release this month. Harking back to the rave scene of the late 80s. Warehouses were used for free parties as part of the emerging "acid house" scene. These spontaneous Warehouse parties occurred on most weekends before police crack-downs and heavy fines ensued. The early 90s saw an influx of organisations setting up legal raves around the country as this underground working class culture went mainstream.
The lyrics come from Chuck Roberts "My House" speech in 1987.  It originally appeared on  Rhythm Controll's 'My House', but was made popular due to Fingers Inc's "Can You Feel It" which had a version with the speech.


After the success of our Seafarer Jacket we will continue along the nautical theme for this Autumn/Winter season. A new rendition of the Seafarer will be announced shortly but it will have a woollen removable lining. Known as the Seamaster, a sample will be with us in the next month or so. Pics to follow.
In the meantime we have an accessory from the collection. Accompanying the Seamaster Jacket will be the Seamasters Cap. Made from 100% wool which has been used for hundreds of years by sailors as it repels water, the Cap will be available in two colours, BEIGE [as shown] and NAVY. RRP will be £20/£25. Production will be limited to 100 pieces of each colour and will not be re-produced in the same colour once sold out. Expected delivery into shops will be late August.

Saturday 8 May 2010


The latest Terrinda Borg MK3 is due to arrive in the next week or so. This could well be our final collaboration with Fila and we shall be the only store stocking the top with the Fila/80s Casuals pro-badge adorning the left breast. As we are only getting 100 of this iconic lemon coloured warm up top this could well be the most collectable of our works with Fila. Now available for pre-order from supplies will not last long.


Every now and again we get asked by some stockists if we can do a special one of design for a local club. There aren't many clubs in the world as big as Celtic, so we were only too willing to commemorate the first British club to win the European Cup. The pic shows the 1967 winning team with the saying "can you hear the lions roar!!!" a nickname given to the team after the Lisbon Lions triumph in Portugal. All players in the squad were born within 30 miles of Glasgow, an achievement which is inconceivable in todays age of foreign players.


Arriving later this month is an Italian inspired design. Often seen on the Curva areas of the Italian stadia, the skull has been given our 80s twist with an Aquascutam hat and scarf. There are two options, Deep South and Northern Ultras. Expected deliveries should be around 22 May.

Tuesday 4 May 2010


The winner of our April competition for a Limited Edition 80s Casuals Leather-Bound book is;

Saturday 1 May 2010


Friday 18 June sees our 80s Casuals Book launch at the 100 Club in London. Today we are proud to add ex Style Council and Paul Weller drummer STEVE WHITE [] to the bill that already consists of IAN McNABB plus WESTERN PROMISE.
It is also hoped The Buzzcocks STEVE DIGGLE [] shall be making an impromptu appearance.

We now have confirmation that STUARTS [] of 35-37 Uxbridge Road Shepherds Bush, London W12 8LH will be offering a 15% DISCOUNT to everyone who turns up at their store with a ticket from the night. An added incentive to purchase a ticket and to head down to the store is a FREE RE-DESIGNED  LIMITED EDITION 80s CASUALS "GRIM UP NORTH" T-SHIRT to the first 50 people to purchase something from the shop in the days following the gig.
TICKETS can be purchased here;



Friday 30 April saw the launch in Sheffield of Pete McKee"s latest exhibition "Teenage Kicks". An over-subscribed crowd of 300 were given the viewing pleasure of the paintings Pete did for Paul Smiths store in Tokyo and here they were on show and for sale for the first time in the UK. 
As the title suggests all of the works are youth inspired with all teenage genres covered from the Teddy Boy era through to the Beatles, Mod, Ska, Skins, Bowie, Casuals and New Romantics. Our favourite being the 80s Casuals inspired "Saturday Lads".
  Theres a fantastic Limited Edition book covering all the paintings in the exhibition. Although it's £110 I believe in years to come it will be a collectable piece and could only go up in value.