Saturday 28 July 2012


A friend on Facebook has sent us details of this book he has compiled. It features many stories from real supporters  travelling to away games and the tales that unfold. Here is his write up and the book is available from Amazon;
The universal language of football has provided fans all over the world with memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. Football fans are really one of the same animal, that being a devoted die hard bunch who follow their team through thick and thin, one day hoping for that glorious moment that will live with them forever. 'The Away End' book is a collection of over 50 stories written by the fans themselves. Author Dean Mansell has marshalled these stories from right across the land in the cause of creating this richly entertaining volume. A wide variety of real life tales are told by fans in their own special way. The ‘away day’ trip is the one that normally brings with it an adventure or two. The events surrounding the actual game, such as the journey to the ground or the tipple in the pub beforehand, often outshine the game itself. Football is about much more than watching your heroes on the pitch on a Saturday afternoon. It’s about sharing the misery of defeat on a cold wet Tuesday winters night, and the camaraderie that is born by ‘being there’ for your team with your fellow supporters. This is a proper football book written by the supporter, for the supporter and reminds us all why we love the game of football so much.