Monday 23 February 2015


So everything starts as an idea and being a very small independent set up with no backing what so ever it isn't always pretty.

We love a sweat here at Eighties and inspired by the great varsity sweats of that era we wanted to do one of our own. 

So we came up with a E and Palla logo combo which was then realized right here in the North West using chenille, felt and cotton.

We like how it's turned out sticking with our ethos of wearable basics with a twist. Hence the comprehensive or 'Comp' sweat (well lets face it that's as far as the majority of our educations stretched) will be available to buy exclusively online from 8pm 24.02.15

Sizes small to XXL in navy, yellow, royal and marl grey because we evolve but we don't revolve. JM

Saturday 7 February 2015


Like most of our customers we simply like our culture which is copied by many but lived by few. We like to dress up (with a nice jacket being pride of place) for a few beers and the match..  simple as peas. 

So this image tinkered with by another Liverpudlian artist, is one of our favourite continental beers and one of the coolest ever Italian lines  ‘qualita e tradizione’ translating to ‘quality and traditions’, we’re having some of that. JM

Monday 2 February 2015


"Some designs are better than others" errr sorry wrong band...anyhow with that in mind our very popular Ghost Town tee will be re stocked on our website tonight from 8pm. Available in navy Brit Fit plus electric and chocolate Premium Fit.

Based on the distinctive record sleeve for 'Ghost Town' by Coventry's finest The Specials, a somewhat baffling recent twitter accusation was that we had ruined an iconic image and totally missed the point of the lyrics.... However those who 'get it' appreciate that the addition of expensive trainers is reference to the fact that although on the bones of our arses back then (clever eh) the more savvy match going chaps always found a way to fix up and look sharp in the face of adversity....... (and breath)

Sunday 1 February 2015


So this Spring we are doing a blatant copy of a jacket that has become a bit of a cult garm in certain circles. 

Between 1997 & 2000 in my previous life as buying director for designer clothing chain Tessuti, I bought in a smallish obscure brand called Faconnable for the flagship store in Chester. I was always looking for the next big brand getting some right and some wrong. Now barring a few clued up lads from Stoke who used to come over, this product pretty much flopped and was mainly sale fodder. However I gave it a few seasons in hope it would be picked up on for it's outstanding quality and as buying appointments go, a trip to their showrooms in Nice on the French cost twice a year was like a breath of fresh air.

So this one season I bought a jacket that was best likened to Joseph's technicoloured dream coat. I've always been a sucker for bright 'get on me' jackets and this was very much in that category resulting in a lot of raised eye brows and ribbing when it hit the shop floor. I bought one of each size in the two versions offered keeping my favoured version for myself in my size. Now unfortunately I managed to f**k mine up washing it too hot running the colours into the off white section resulting in us having to part company as I'm a pedantic little shit. I never for one minute I thought  would see one again but with the advent of Ebay I found one years later in my size just up the bloody road in Wallasey! Since then this little number has been hyped up elsewhere but I have no qualms with staking a claim on it for the reasons above. Now some will call it bastardization but let's be honest, it's so rare how else are you going to get one?

Due in April limited to 80 pieces.