Monday 27 September 2010


80s Iconic retail institution Wade-Smith is about to relaunch. Famed as being the first designer sportswear store in Europe and a catalyst for all designer shops that followed, Wade-Smith finally closed its doors to the Liverpool public in 2005.
Next month sees the return of the famous name in the form of an online fashion business. Along with his wife and two children, the family are each individually designing a range of clothes for their own age group. The emphasis will be on classic English tailoring and the website will be up and running from 20 Oct 2010.


Aired this Sunday on BBC2 was the weekly cook show "Something for the Weekend". Co-presented by Tim Lovejoy and Chef Simon Rimmer. It was Simon who was spotted wearing the 80s Casuals long sleeve "Deck" Polo.
Besides T.V. presenting Simon Co-owns two restaurants which are both well worth a visit. The Vegetarian "Greens" located in Didsbury has won numerous awards including the Big Issues "Restaurant of the Year" while the more carnivorous amongst us may enjoy "Earle" in Hale, Cheshire recently voted "Best Sunday venue outside of London".


Friday 24 September 2010


A couple of newly designed T-Shirts are being distributed to our stockists this week including the "Insight" and "Commit no Nuisance" tees.
The "Commit" T-Shirt references an old Victorian streetsign which can still be seen in parts of olde London. No doubt aimed at the youth of the day and appearing some what relevant to the many youth cultures over the last Century.
The T-Shirts are available from plus usual stockists Terraces, Casual Clobber, Hip, Manifesto, Stone, Evolution, The Showroom, An-X, Harpers, SW1, Planet and McKinnleys in Holland.

Sunday 19 September 2010


We are still being in-undated with requests for the 80s Casuals book, with plenty of interest from abroad, especially Copenhagen, Denmark. We have therefore decided to re-produce the book as a second edition. As we wanted the first edition to be exclusive and maybe collectable, this re-print will be half the size (210mm x 140mm) and will retail at £12.99.
The cover on the initial book was Gold Foil blocked, this re-run will be Silver Foil blocked as an indication of it being the Second Edition. Apart from this one detail, the remainder of the book will have the exact same detail and pics etc.

Monday 13 September 2010


In support of our friends at MA STRUM we have designed a T-Shirt which embraces a part of Massimo Osti's sartorial past. The iconic Flat Iron Building was chosen by Osti as the location for C.P. Company's New York store because of its architectural and historical significance. He also thought that because it was slightly off the beaten path, it set C.P. Company apart from the pack. This was during the 90s as C.P. looked to broaden its retail horizon.
Our design highlights the magnificent Flat Iron whilst incorporating the logos of MA Strum and the Massimo Osti Archive into the billboards around the building. 
The T-Shirt will be available towards the end of October.


80s Casuals continues to stock the pick of the MA Strum A/W10 collection.
The label is supported by Massimo Osti's son Lorenzo and daughter Agata with former Victorinox designer Donrad Duncan at the helm. The pinnacle of Osti's work is certainly the jackets and coats produced with such fine attention to detail. We feel it is only right that we offer two coats from the MA Strum A/W10 range that we feel are most commited to the craftsmanship and quality Massimo endured upon his products.
The Condor Coat and Sniper Jacket accentuate the Osti heritage.
Both garments are available now at


Our website has been under-going a total re-vamp over the last couple of days. It is now up and running and should be a lot simpler to navigate with a sharper, yet informal look to the photos and detailing. A shopping cart has also been added for a simpler shopping experience.

Thursday 9 September 2010

AD of the WEEK

A great advert for Fred Perry appeared in this months Wallpaper magazine. Depicting buildings from Manchester in the late '70s including the Arndale Centre, it also includes one of the lads from the cover of our friend Ian Houghs 'Perry Boys Abroad' book. 
Ian began writing as a forum member on the 80s Casuals website a few years back now. His memoirs of those early days in Manchester were that good that we asked him not to write anymore as he should commit them to a book. Within weeks we had put Milo books into contact with him and as they say the rest is history. 'Perry Boys' was his first book and is an honest and accurate account of growing up in recession hit Britain of the 70s and is a definite must buy. 'Perry Boys Abroad' the follow up, again is a personal account of a lad emerging into a grown up world.
Both books are still available from most book stores including Amazon and Play.
Ian lives on the other side of the pond now but you can still catch up with his literary musings on his own website

Saturday 4 September 2010


In the forthcoming week or so we will be announcing a real coup for the 80s Casuals brand. What we have for sale will be a world exclusive to our website and will not be available in stores. Availability will be restricted to only 30 pieces and we shall be keeping 2 or 3 for ourselves so once we announce the details we will be taking orders for what should be a November delivery. Keep checking this blog as it will be the first place for the announcement with full details of cost and ordering etc.




It is with regret that we have had to cancel our Winter Maritime Sweatshirt. Although the cost of the Sweatshirt would have been at a very reasonable price, the postage and import duty took the price of the hooded top beyond what we would consider to be acceptable.
We have therefore decided to produce the recent Summer Rambler Jacket in a new colourway. A warm Winter may be forecast and our thoughts are also with those who missed out on the Limited Edition Jacket in the Summer. It appears many of the Stores sold out within 10 days. So we now have on order a quantity of Marine Navy Ramblers. In Keeping with the Nautical theme for the Winter, this Dark blue colour was first used by the Royal Navy before the name change to Navy Blue. Expected delivery into Stockists should be in the first week of November.


Although its been a bit quiet on here lately, it doesn't mean we've been taking it easy. First off will be a complete overall of the website giving a more simplistic, understated approach. 
Most pages will still be available although we have lost our links page which did become a bit cluttered with different size banners. All stores stocking our range will be mentioned on this blog when ordering T-Shirts and Clothing, therefore we feel its better that these are the stockists who gain from any publicity associated with our products.