Friday 27 July 2012


We have previously mentioned about us using local industry which in itself is being quite patriotic and is something needed as Britain hits the worst recession since 1955. The Cottage Industry or Putting-Out System in the textile industry harks back to the invention of the sewing machine in 1846. Putting-Out workers worked from home with flexibility to balance work with household chores. It was also central to business as it meant the work could be put-out instead of outlay on new business premises for sewing. 
Let Jay introduce Mo;
"Mo is a very much an integral part of the business here at Eighties. Many of our garments are hand finished by her in the historical City of Chester (well in her back room just outside of the City anyway). Initial manufacturing is paramount to our quality, but it’s the little details such as the leather badge, signature buttons and discreet pinch tag that give our garments their devil. Mo oversees the placement of all these important fineries as well as constructing many of our prototypes and making final adjustments to samples before signing off for production.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Mo in my 17 years as a clothing buyer for acclaimed designer clothing retailer Tessuti . Of all the tailors that I acquainted in that time, I have never known such a  Craftswomen who is truly a master of this dying art. Her understanding of structure and willingness to make the impossible possible is bewitching.

Mo is just another example of how we like to keep our brands small success local and keep flying the flag for small businesses and cottage industries alike in our community. Artists such as Mo are a dying breed and we are proud and honoured to have her amongst our ranks."