Tuesday 17 July 2012


We've just got back from the studio and what a great place it was. More on the music in the coming days but Track Studios is on Roscoe Street in Liverpool and is run by Steve Powell who has worked with Shack, The La's and The Coral. He has spent years sourcing the best 50s/60s and 70s equipment from the U.S. and even Russia.
A £2000 70s Russian Lomo Mic sits proudly in the studio while an old B.B.C. Mixing Desk holds pride of place next to 50s and 60s Altec and Ampex pre amps as used by Motown, plus a Langevin, which was a favourite of The Doors and not to be out done a Telefunken which The Beatles were proud to be associated with. 
We'd just like to Thank Steve for the day and hopefully we can get one or two more bands in there over the coming year. He is in the process of setting up a new website so we will put up the details one we have them.