Sunday 13 May 2012


If you've ever been sceptical about the meaning of 'Against Modern Football' then look no further than last week's story of the Malaysian businessmen involved with Cardiff City wanting to change their shirt colour from blue to red and replace the bluebird with a dragon. Although large investment is a necessity nowadays we think that maybe more consultation with the fans would be a good idea.
In the past week we have also had a F.A. Cup Final on a league fixtures Saturday. K.O. at 5.15 p.m. purely for T.V. audience figures with a total disregard for the fans traveling to and from the game.
This coming week we see the European Cup Final or Champions League Final as it is now known being played on a Saturday.
It appears that the proud traditions of our game are being taken away for the sake of commercialism.
Our second 'Against Modern Football' T-Shirt harks back to the good old days of Black Football Boots and proper leather Footballs. It's a time that we never want to forget.
The vintage stamp design reminds us of those special edition stamps that would appear during a World Cup or Olympic year.
The T-Shirt will be with Stores by the end of the week.