Sunday 9 May 2010


After the success of our Seafarer Jacket we will continue along the nautical theme for this Autumn/Winter season. A new rendition of the Seafarer will be announced shortly but it will have a woollen removable lining. Known as the Seamaster, a sample will be with us in the next month or so. Pics to follow.
In the meantime we have an accessory from the collection. Accompanying the Seamaster Jacket will be the Seamasters Cap. Made from 100% wool which has been used for hundreds of years by sailors as it repels water, the Cap will be available in two colours, BEIGE [as shown] and NAVY. RRP will be £20/£25. Production will be limited to 100 pieces of each colour and will not be re-produced in the same colour once sold out. Expected delivery into shops will be late August.