Monday 31 May 2010


It was good to see our rave scene inspired "Thrills 'n' Pills" T-shirt was the number one best seller last month [April] in Stuarts of London beating labels such as 
Pretty Green and Fred Perry to the top spot.
The T-Shirts title was inspired by The Happy Mondays consumate album "Thrills 'n' Pills and Bellyaches" from 1990 which entered the charts at number 1 at a time when the country had immersed itself into the drug culture.
 There's been a late 80s revival cropping up of late with rave club nights being promoted around the country and even an illegal rave being held in Pembrokeshire this weekend 
with 2500 turning up. 
Our "Warehouse" T-Shirt is the third in our rave inspired collection and will be available at in the next few days while the "Gary Ablett Tour" T-Shirt is available in the deadstock part of the site at a reduced price while stocks last.