Friday 28 May 2010

100 CLUB - 18 JUNE 2010

Everything's now falling into place. The artists playing on the night are going to join forces for a supergroup style encore with Steve White on drums joining McNabb, Diggle and John from Western Promise. Expect to hear a couple of Buzzcocks and Icicle Works numbers plus a Clash track or two.
Our 80s Casuals book will be on sale and its been decided that the first 50 people who purchase the said book [£20] shall receive a free Limited Edition "Grim Up North" T-Shirt. 
Collaborating with Stuarts of London we have produced only 50 of the design in new colours incorporating the figure in a C.P. Company Metropolis Jacket and adidas trainers.
The back of the T-Shirt at the neck will have our own logo plus Stuarts and Limited Edition.
The dress code for the 100 club is; THERE IS NO DRESS CODE.
So Casual it is then.