Sunday 20 October 2013


What chap doesn't love The Warriors movie based on Sol Yurick's 1965 novel of the same name?

Released in 1979 the tale follows a gang from Coney Island (NY) attempting to fight their way back from Manhattan to home, with dozens of rival gangs trying to make sure that they never get there. Now if the Warriors were the hero's of the film, then everybody's favorite anti hero's had to be the Baseball Furies.

The 'Furies' were a gang who's turf was Riverside park in Manhattan. Their uniforms were the unmistakable New York Yankee's baseball strip with brightly painted faces not dissimilar to that of  fellow NY rockers 'Kiss'.

The leader and 'warlord' of this scary looking bunch was 'Cobb' believed to take his nickname from Yankees baseball legend Ty Cobb. Cobb (by far the most iconic character) was first immortalized in tee form by ourselves in 2009. Due to constant requests he is now back in a very limited run.

"Keep on bopping boppers" JM