Sunday 25 August 2013


'Couture' means dressmaking, sewing or needlework and is used as a common abbreviation for 'haute couture' and refers to 'the same thing in spirit'.

All of our tee designs start off as an idea or sentiment we want to express. Sometimes transferring that image can be difficult so we go through several processes to realize our vision with the artists in our group.

As match going lads, dressers, boys, casuals or whatever the latest buzz word for what we do is, we share 'the same thing in spirit' as we all have a basic desire to follow our team looking sharp separating ourselves from the Christmas trees at the match.....How many times have you looked at your rival fans and picked out the 'boys' by their higher level of sartorial elegance? I know I probably spend more time studying what the opposing fans have on offer in this department than I do watching the game! (although supporting Tranmere I can be forgiven for that).

So with that in mind this design drawn by Man of the moment Paul Cruse depicts a rather natty outfit freshly laid out in the pre match ritual that many of us follow. One True Saxon jungle parka, Edwin jeans and New Balance 1300's....nice. JM

Available online tomorrow 26.08.13