Saturday 31 August 2013


In the early days most of our designs were done in house using our own computer knowledge and that of a few friends. 

As the brand grew many copycat labels appeared quite rightly forcing us to up our game and look further a field than our own limited talents.

A handful of early designs were by Dan one of the twins behind the successful Casual Connoisseur brand and not so long ago up and coming Leeds based illustrator Josh Parkin produced several excellent designs for us.

But of all the talented people we have worked with we have never been so pleased to have someone among our ranks that truly understands what we are about and is of late producing artwork that we feel is second to none.

Ironically Liverpool based Paul used to sell our early designs in his days as a sales assistant in one of our stockists. Who would have guessed that nearly ten years later he would be such a key part of our business also having his own clothing label and studio.

To see more of Paul's work or if you wish to contact him for a project of your own, please take a look and like his Facebook page here...