Wednesday 18 December 2013


Over the years you may well have noticed us backing local talent
whether it be our designers, printers, local boxing club or kids football teams.

Another of our passions has been local music and we now champion that through
our 'Not For Profit' 80s inspired 'Vinyl Only' Record Label.
We've invested some of our own funds to set up the label and as we near the end of
our first calendar year, the report is that it has been a great success, with the label
bringing many of the bands to the attention of radio dj's and gig promoters.

One such band, Sankofa, have caught our attention, to the fact that we are now managing them and hoping to push them further up the ladder to success.
They do not conform to 3 minute pop songs and prefer not to be mainstream and commercial.
They have a 60s Psych element to their sound but prefer 'Stoner Rock' which was a recent description heaped on them.
This we like as it has the Casual ethos of preferring to do your ones own thing and not follow fashion.
Their latest release is a 4 Track EP with the lead track Guttermouth already gaining local airplay.

If your into new music check out some of the last 12 months worth of releases on our soundcloud site;

you can buy the vinyls and some quality posters from  

The Sankofa EP is available on vinyl but they also have the download available from ITunes and other good record stores;