Tuesday 22 November 2011


The nights have certainly drawn in now and the forecast is for a drop in temperature. Therefore we thought it necessary to re-stock the 'Tomba' Gilet. We ran pretty low on many sizes in the weeks following its introduction, so we have re-ordered just a small amount of each size for those that may have missed out. The Gilet has become this Winter's 'must have' with a few stores selling out of the £300+ Stone Island piece in days. The 'Tomba' retails at a fraction of that price at £99.50 but according to some feedback we have had, the quality is on par with the more expensive items on the market. Both colours should be available in the next day.
Other stores stocking the 'Tomba' include Ran, Edge Clothing, Camisera, An-X, SW1, Hip, Evolution, Originals Footwear and Henry Brummel.