Friday, 4 November 2011


At Eighties we love football, even though we feel a large portion of it has been stolen from us by the corporate middle class types who never went to the match when it was all stinky toilets and fighting to stay on your feet when a goal went in.

It's what we do, always have, always will. Go the match, have a pint with our mates, moan about descisions and most importantly blow half a weeks wages to look better than them oiks in the away end. Bit neanderthal for some but we don't hide our passion for it.

Football for us doesn't just start and finish on a Saturday afternoon (even though Sky have f**ked that up to), but we love it, in all it's forms, it's what makes us tick.

So here at Eighties we are proud to have our logo emblazoned across chests in amateur football from Birkenhead to Manchester and the South (still waiting for the pics boys!!) and will continue to do so for as long as we are around.