Saturday 19 November 2011


As the youngest player in England's 1966 World Cup winning team, Alan Ball already had his name etched into the annals of English football history before signing for Everton in August of the same year. He became a member of a midfield consisting of Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall that was affectionately known as 'The Holy Trinity' and it was this trio that was instrumental in taking Everton to a Championship win in the 1969/70 season.
Ball was seen by Evertonians as one of the greatest players to wear the Royal Blue shirt and honoured him with the chant 'Who's the greatest of them all? Little curly Alan Ball'
Our T-Shirt depicts Alan in his famous white boots in front of Prince Ruperts Tower which was constructed in 1787 to incarcerate drunks and deviants and is used on the Everton club crest.
The T-Shirt is already up on our website and is available in Royal Blue and the 'away kit'  Gold of the 60s. Ran in Liverpool have a Navy version. While Distant Echo will also take delivery this weekend of the Royal Blue colour.