Saturday 7 May 2011


Our latest offering on the T-Shirt front is a tongue in cheek twist on the iconic Vegas sign in America mixed in with a typical image of 1960s flats and a list of Northern towns and cities from the lyrics to KLF's 'It's Grim up North'.
The saying itself has a place in Casual culture from the 80s. It appeared on the station walls for all to see as trains departed for the North from Euston in London. The drab greyness of the place names in the 1990 KLF song were obviously on the mind of the graffiti artist.
The graffiti at Euston actually led to a question being asked in the House of Commons over the 'regional imbalance' between the North and South.
The T-Shirt will be in production very soon and available in stores towards the end of May.