Sunday 22 May 2011


We were fortunate enough this week to view Kev Sampson's latest screen offering.
'Powder' premiered at Fact in Liverpool on Thursday evening before a near capacity crowd which included the legendary New York music entrepreneur Seymour Stein, Vice-President of Warner Brothers.
The film follows Keva [Liam Boyle] and his band The Grams on a roller-coaster ride to success, culminating in an appearance at the 'V-Festival'. It's at the Festival where the film comes into it's own giving a perfectly authentic depiction of the atmosphere at such an event with the odd cameo thrown in from musicians appearing on the day. Starsailor's James Walsh is also the voice behind The Grams music and a Soundtrack album may also appear with the Films general release.
Plans for the film include a tour of most major music festivals during the Summer, then an Autumn cinema release followed by the DVD debut in the run-up to Christmas.
Freakbeat Films caught up with lead actor Liam Boyle before the Premiere.