Monday 16 May 2011


We've just come across a fantastic photo from Liverpool in 1985. It appeared on the BBC website today as part of a project in 1985/86. In 1986, 900 years after William the Conqueror’s original Domesday Book, the BBC published the Domesday Project. The project was probably the most ambitious attempt ever to capture the essence of life in the United Kingdom. Over a million people contributed to this digital snapshot of the country.
People were asked to record what they thought would be of interest in another 1000 years. It was about documenting everyday life.
The photo shows three kids, two in their Casual attire while one is still in his school uniform. The first impression is that Casual was now mainstream. It was everywhere from these young lads right through to teenagers and young adults. They were obviously influenced by the older lads in the area. The photo was taken in Paddy's Market on Great Homer Street in Liverpool which is just off Scotland Road, which was at the epicentre at the beginning of the culture in the late 70s.
The BBC website can be found here;