Sunday 16 January 2011


We sign off a final collaboration with our friends at Fila feeling that we have saved the best till last!
In the past 18 months the re-launch of the iconic Terrinda warm up jacket has been a huge success for both ourselves and Fila. so what else could we sign off with other than this luxurious piece from were our relationship began.
The garment is Limited to just 100 garments, Fila have guaranteed us that a Terrinda in this colour will never be produced again!
Only 60 will be available for retail as Fila are distributing 40 as gifts to staff and customers to celebrate the brands centenary.
Why pink? Well we feel if you had to select a colour to associate with the 80s Casuals movement it would be pink, as before it was adopted by these wedge flicking lads, it was a colour only accepted on effeminates and girls.
Spring/Summer 2011 will see us move in a different direction with Fila as we showcase their 'Club Biella' collection which sees Fila rediscover their more preppy roots once adopted by the European playboy.
Check back soon for price and selling details.