Monday, 17 January 2011


Sad news reaches us from Italy about the demise of the streetwear brand "Mentalita' Ultras". The Clothing label [MU] began life in November 1995. In 1996 MU had video reports featured on Television about the Italian ultras culture, which included interviews with various group leaders and several exclusive images of the supporters during the matches in which they had participated.
This outlet enabled the MU crew to travel around Italy forging links with many of the Ultra Groups in different Towns and Cities. These included Brigate Gialloblu Verona, Vigilantes Vicenza, Vecchi Orsi Genoa, Collettivo Autonomo Viola, Official Supporters Piacenza, Commandos Tigre Milan, Fossa dei Leoni Fortitudo Bologna, Ultras Unione VM, Sanitarium Cremona, Boys San Inter, Nord Kaos Udine, UBS, BNA, Viking Juve, Drughi, Mods e Granata Korps Toro.
From 1996 to 1999, before the internet age, MUCREW printed 11 issues of the fanzine:”MU RULES” distributed all around Europe. MENTALITA' ULTRAS® STREETWEAR became part of the culture of those who live the terraces with style, with their philosophy including vocal support, elaborate flag displays and fanatical support both in Italy and Europe. The clothing range included T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hats.
In 2006 we were contacted by the label and collaborated on three trainer T-Shirts. The first being a Rom and then, after Italy's 2006 World Cup win, an Italia, before the final of the trilogy being a Trieste.
We wish those involved best wishes for any future projects.