Monday 3 January 2011


This month will see a re-print of 'The Furies' T-Shirt from the Warriors collection. A favourite from the trio of designs, the store will have more stock in two weeks time.
Continuing on a film anniversary theme, one of our forthcoming designs celebrates the 35th year since the release of Taxi Driver. The film was an instant hit and was nominated for four Academy awards. Robert De Niro's character is a Vietnam Veteran whose paranoid thoughts turn to violence. It is then that he shaves his hair into a Mowhawk style which was used during the war by certain soldiers going into a commando situation. They would be given a wide berth by others.
During the film Cybil Shepherds character tells De Niro he reminds her of a line in a Kris Kristoffersen song 'The Pilgrim, Chapter 33'. This is the appropriate tag-line.
This plus another two or three new designs will be in stores by mid-February.