Sunday 12 August 2012


Here we have a sneak preview of The Gamekeeper Jacket.
So we're being told by the magazines it's all about the countryside this Winter, well we're not ones for walking up hills in the middle of Winter. The coldest we want to be is for 90 minutes during a night game whilst sitting on a plastic seat. But that doesn't mean we take our Cold Weather attire lightly. 
The Gamekeeper Jacket is straight out of a 'Highland Shoot' and ties in nicely with the Harris Tweed Scarves we will have on offer. The Jacket has a buttoned front with three front Pockets, but also has a full width inner Poachers Pocket which can be accessed via a buttoned interior or two outer side Pockets. A Cord Collar adds that 'Gentry' touch whilst the Buttons, 'Hand Made in Italy', give a 'Formal Look' which would not look out of place in any Directors Box you may try to bunk into. The red Eighties Pinch-Tag gives a discreet identification as we have no leather badge on these. 
More Pics to follow in the coming week.