Tuesday 14 August 2012


The newest design due in Stores next week is the Aficionado. An outfit that graces the terraces up and down the land and one highlighting the Mille Miglia as used on one of our earliest Tees. The fine details have been expertly drawn by Paul from http://www.artofwarclothing.com/default.aspx 
Also debuting on these latest T-Shirts is the new embroidered logo. The 'Casuals' has been dropped giving a sleek, well groomed and neater look to the design. We seem to be known as 'Eighties' therefore this seemed a natural progression. 
The T-Shirt has been ordered by Terraces, Ran, Distant Echo, Stone Menswear, Originals Footwear, Hip, Threads, An-X, Bronx and Evolution, plus our own website.