Friday, 27 April 2012


Outside Anfield in the early 80s and the way going the match used to be. adidas trainers, adidas cagoules and the start of a culture that came to be known as 'Casuals'. The 70s fashion of flared jeans had all but disappeared [except for one guy with a Browns of Chester bag] to be replaced with narrow jeans [Inega or Lois]. The obvious necessity was a pair of adidas on the feet. Samba, Mamba, L.A. and what looks like a pair of adidas strap-overs. Also on show in the centre of the pic are a pair of Pod [Product of Desire] which had their time in the limelight for a few months. The ubiquitous adidas Cagoule or Jacket became the top seller in Topman in Liverpool city centre during the year.