Wednesday 11 April 2012


A major piece from our Grafters Collection is the 'Peseta' Sun Hat. In these times of austerity with everyone watching what they spend their pennies and euros on, the best deals are usually never found at full price. 80s Casuals have been through these recessions before and so we look to give the customer value for money.
The 'Peseta' Sun Hat is therefore reversible, giving two hats for the price of one. Detailing on both sides differs with the badge and hat colour. Navy with reversible Chambray and Sand with reversible Check.
All stores have now taken delivery. RRP £30 They include Ran, Hip, An-X, Terraces, Evolution, Henry Brummel, Distant Echo, 80s CasualClassics, Camisera and Casual Clobber.
Our own store has them available now