Thursday 5 April 2012


It appears that the 'Against Modern Football' slogan resonates with a lot of fans. The A.M.F. design is going to be re-printed after a day of heavy sales. We are re-doing the Orange outline as well as a new Royal Blue one this time along with a few extra colours in the T-Shirt. Stock should be available in two weeks. In the meantime our Stockists including Ran, Trend, Distant Echo, 80s CasualClassics and An-X have supplies from today.
The slogan has been around for a while now and small campaigns have been building across Europe in places such as Sweden, Italy and Germany. We believe the average supporter needs more of a say in Football related matters.  Commercialism has taken over the beautiful game, but its not just the commercialism, it's things like Tradition. For instance, goal-line technology. Will the Fans be asked if they want it or will we just be told? It's the changing of a Stadiums name, Foreign owners bleeding clubs dry, soulless stadiums, the F.A. Cup Final being on the same day as League games, the European Cup Final moving to a Saturday, iridescent purple football boots, yellow footballs,  the list is endless.
Don't just accept the killing of our game, make your voice heard if you have the opportunity.