Thursday 15 March 2012


There's a saying that fiscal hardship sharpens creative minds. This has become more evident in these recessionary times as we see a glut of new clothing labels spring up in the wake of the 'Casual' revival. Another area that has seen an influx of creativity is in the design and production of Magazines and Fanzines. One such Fanzine recently got in touch with regards to an interview on 80s Casuals. Jay Montessori duly obliged and the said interview will be in the forthcoming first issue of Northern Aficionado when it is released in the next few weeks.
Northern Aficionado is run by two Northern lads who are passionate about football, clothing and music. That in our books is the perfect match.
The fanzine will be available from a few outlets plus eBay. For the release date and stockists check their blog site in the coming weeks;