Sunday 11 March 2012


This Winter will again see us put together a small capsule Collection. The 80s saw the highly branded sportswear clothing followed by a more subtle approach with outerwear inspired by the great outdoors carrying smaller logos and branding. We will follow suit with more discreet touches as we bring together the 'Gamekeepers' Collection for Autumn/Winter 2012. The mainstay of which shall be a Jacket, Shirt, Jumper, Knitted Polo, Pique Polo and Beanie.
The first sample of Shirting has arrived and shall be scrutinised before going into production. It will carry the small metallic badge on the pocket corner and will come in a Navy Gingham Check as well as a dark Plaid.  Contrast Elbow patches have been added to add structure to the cloth and to prevent wear to that area. We follow sync with a front shoulder patch on the Gamekeepers Jacket [pics to follow this week] which are tailored this way to prevent wear from the rifle butt when Hunting. A formal crew neck jumper will be the perfect accompaniment to the shirt.