Saturday 10 March 2012


'Against Modern Football' is a concept that is growing across Europe. Commercialism and Corporate endorsement has grown to unacceptable levels as Stadiums lose their identity and the price of tickets rocket to leave the working class out on a limb.
Our T-Shirt is not to start a campaign but to highlight the disrespect of proper football culture, whether its against yellow footballs, sanitized Stadiums, jesters hats, Sky's contrived handshakes or blood sucking owners we'll leave that up to you. The list is endless. What we will not do is give in and walk away from our team. We will stand and fight.
The first design from a small range of 'Against Modern Football' T-Shirts incorporates the iconic footballs from the 70s including the Telstar and Tango to the 80s Questra and Azteca. 
Available from all Stockists at the end of March.